Infectious Disease Powerpoint


For your topic, please describe in a short PowerPoint (5-6 slides)

  • How it is contracted (using terminology we have learned in class),
  • Symptoms (or other ways to identify it) 
  • Explain how you would teach how to avoid your assigned topic below to children, specifically referring to personal hygiene and universal health precautions (state the age or grade range you are teaching- preschool, kindergarten, early elementary or older elementary). See Chapter 16 (pg 523) in your textbook for Universal Precautions.  


Include in this teaching situation how the children can minimize the spread of disease in a school or childcare setting. 

(This is not a formal lesson plan, just a description of what you would do (or have seen). 

This can be an idea you have, or something you have observed through your field experience (be sure to state from where you got your idea – we always want to give credit where credit is due!)  

Power Point:

1st slide: Name and ailment

2-4th or 5th slide the three topics above

Last slide: Citations to any information found online or in your book.

-Choose ONE of these for your PowerPoint

Head lice

Common cold

Group A strep infections


Conjunctivitis (pinkeye)