Information Security


I need some help here to get this on the way. It is divided into two portions. You need to pay attention to this and read everything before bidding on it. Do not pick up this assignment if you do not have a strong IT background. 


a. Write a problem statement for this Master Thesis Topic.

Endpoint Security Solution protecting Remote Work Environment.

b. Provide at least 6-8 research questions for the research topic. Understand that you need to be very proficient, so you may be unable to tackle multiple big problems using endpoint security solutions to protect remote work environments. Your research question needs to test a very small problem, so narrow it down and direct it to the point. It must be completed in a very short amount of time.

For example, do not use research questions like, “What strategy should organizations use to protect their remote work environment from threats?” and “What are the key features and functionalities of endpoint security solutions that are most effective in protecting remote work environments?” These are vast questions with nearly unlimited answers.

You need to find a simple problem within the endpoint security solutions such as Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), etc, and develop an action to fix that problem. In this method, you are only left with developing new software; at least, the Research Questions should clearly delineate this new software you are developing.

*NOTE: You are limited in what methods we can use. Most people do not have sufficient time to go to an institutional review board (IRB) for approval to perform any capstone research involving human subjects. Thus, the methods you select to test your research question cannot include research methods involving human subjects, such as online surveys or interviewing people. You cannot use statistical analysis because institutional Review board Approval was not sought for statistical analysis.


This part of the discussion aims to formalize the research method you will use to achieve your goals and provide the initial application or system design.

a. Prove to your audience that your problem statement and research question are achievable using a well-supported and accepted research methodology from scholarly literature.

b. The research method should detail how you will answer your research question and the formal process you will use to design your prototype.

c. Find at least three APA (3) scholarly articles that use your selected research methodology and support your research methodology to address your research question(s).

d. Justify why this research method will work and how it will answer your research question.

e. Include a minimum of one-use case description with detailed flows and sub-flows and the correlated activity diagram and class diagram of your application of the system prototype.

f. Embed screenshots of the diagrams in your post.