Information Systems Week 2 Assignment: Topic Definition Statement

 This week, explore the relationship between strategic goals and alignment with projects and best practices from the five process groups, especially focusing on executing, monitoring, and controlling projects. This assessment is the first component of your course project. 

 In this assessment, you will write a topic definition statement for your course project, in which you will define the topic for your course project. 

Research and analyze existing project management literature and provide context for an analysis of project management complexity and application for an organization. Your sources must be current (under five years old).

  • Identify a research problem in project management.
  • Develop a research topic that is precise enough for a thorough investigation within the size limitations of your project (include 3 current scholarly references). Consider a topic that could be used as a topic for dissertation or Capstone Project one day, using a project management lens.


Write a topic definition statement for your course project. In your topic definition statement:

  • Summarize the purpose and scope of the research project, methods used, and questions addressed.
  • Identify key constructs and theoretical foundations, as well as key relationships among the constructs.
  • Describe the target population.
  • Identify gaps in knowledge in the literature.
  • Discuss various stakeholders’ perspectives regarding the chosen topic. 
  • Support your analysis using current scholarly or professional resources. Include a minimum of 35 current scholarly or professional resources (from the last 57 years). Use this assignment and course to build up a reference list for your topic; 40 resources are required for your final course project.

Organize in these sections in this order


  1. Research topic.
  2. Research problem.
  3. Research problem background.
  4. Research question