Assignment:  Abstracts


Textbook:  Chapter 9


Student Learning Objectives

Students will:

· Read the assigned article.

· Paraphrase the major contents of the article in an informative abstract of 150-200 words.

· Document the source of the article at the beginning of the abstract, using the MLA style of documentation.



Abstracts present a shortened version of the original source, such as an article, seminar, lecture, or meeting.  Minutes of meetings are considered abstracts. 

Informative abstracts are written in the writer’s own words (paraphrased), using only the facts and no opinions while an evaluative abstract may include quotations and opinions.  Minutes of meetings are considered abstracts.  One way to analyze an article is to answer the journalism questions of:  Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?  Summary and informative abstract are used interchangeably in this course (see section 9.4 in the textbook).

If the link does not work, search via the article title.