Informative Writing: Prewriting and Outlining

To continue your quest, you will further your understanding of the stages of writing. You will begin another writing project and learn to inform on a subject drawn from your course of study. To begin the stages of writing, you will again write an outline that is the pre-writing of your Informative Essay.

This week, your quest continues as you apply your knowledge of the writing stages to the assignments for the second theme of the course: Writing to Inform. You will start at the initial stage of writing again and complete the prewriting and outlining for this essay. Draw on the wisdom and experience you have acquired in order to further develop your academic writing skills.

The purpose of writing an Informative Essay is to provide information and explain a concept. The purpose is not to give a personal opinion or tell a story.

Here are more heroes who use their experience for good:

· Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization, successfully led the response to the H5N1 flu outbreak in 1997 and SARS outbreak of 2003 in Hong Kong.

· Bono, leader singer of the band U2, is also an activist who used his platform to create the organizations ONE (organization committed to end extreme poverty) and RED (organization committed to raising awareness of about the AIDS crisis).