Unit V Case Study

· Weight: 8% of course grade



For this assignment, you will be provided the opportunity to practice what you have learned to this point. To successfully complete this assignment you will need to apply the scientific method approach to complete a set of field notes and audio recording of these notes simulating an on-scene recording. These notes will be used later to complete an investigative report on all the details of the fire and probable cause based upon the given information. You will need to complete the following tasks:

1. review the fire scenario and fire scene photos;

2. record audio notes of what you found in the analysis of the fire scene scenario and photos; and

3. make written field notes of the fire scene (record all the necessary information that is needed to complete the final fire investigation report, including diagrams).


Time: 1100 hoursDate: February 23, 2016Weather Conditions: Clear–-38 degrees (cold wind @ 20 mph)Type of Structure: One-family wooden-frame structureOccupants: Family of four—husband, wife, 9-year-old male, 4-year-old femalePictures: See belowNotification: At 1100 hours, you were notified by the fire dispatcher to respond to 1234 Main Street on a reported structural fire that was under control and required a cause and origin investigator.

Once you arrived on the scene, you were briefed by Lt. Dan Taylor, who stated that upon arrival the fire was visible out both kitchen windows and was spreading quickly to the living-room area. The fire was then quickly extinguished and confined to the kitchen. There were noticeable burn patterns forming a large V-pattern that indicated the fire originated in the area of the stove.

To prevent any form of spoliation, the Hometown Department completed its fire suppression efforts and taped off the area for further investigation prior to any additional overhauling procedures.

Homeowner’s statement: Mrs. Williams stated that she was preparing breakfast for her children when her cell phone rang. She walked to her front porch where she became engaged in a general conversation with her friend. With bacon still cooking on the stovetop, the grease became so hot that it ignited and vertically spread into the ceiling. Once off the phone, the homeowner noticed smoke coming from the kitchen area. After going to the kitchen to locate the source of the smoke, she saw the burning pan and called 911 to report the fire and said she was exiting her home for safety. The Hometown Fire Department then arrived and extinguished the fire.

Fire Scene Photos:

  A picture containing indoor, old, dirty, kitchen appliance  Description automatically generated

  A picture containing kitchen appliance, stove, dirty  Description automatically generated


You are now at the fire scene. Explain the specific details of the pre-arrival information, en route and fire scene investigation, and interviews. Be sure to include your physical findings and any evidence that may have been collected from the fire scene. This set of field notes should include all findings with a completed hypothesis of the fire. Your verbal and written field notes should include all seven steps of the scientific method and an initial hypothesis.

Your written notes must be at least one page in length. Your audio recording should cover all the information in the outline and the photos (audio should be about 3-5 minutes). You will be submitting both your written notes and audio recording for this assignment.

You are required to use at least one outside source from the CSU Online Library. If you choose to use more than one outside source, you may use reliable sources from the Internet or your textbook. Be sure to format your paper using APA Style.

Again, the information from this assignment will be used on later assignments.