Unit VI Scholarly Activity

· Weight: 13% of course grade



This unit is focused on the process of the investigation as it applies to process, safety, and case management. As part of the fire investigator’s responsibility, you will be required to manage supporting documents that illustrate you have followed proper processes and/or protocols. For this assignment, you will demonstrate how you will manage this process by creating documents and forms that can be used during an investigation.

You will create the following four documents for this assignment:

1. Develop a form that will be used to record all the needed incident basic information that will be included in the final investigation report.

2. Create a personal checklist of the equipment that would be needed in order to investigate fires in your jurisdiction.

3. Write an outline for a safety briefing that will be given to everyone involved in the investigations prior to making entry into the building where the fire occurred.

4. Create an interview form that can be completed when interviewing witnesses to incidents that are under investigation.

Each completed form must be one page in length for a total of four specific forms (form to record, checklist, outline, interview). You can create the four forms as separate documents or as one complete document and upload the forms in the assignment area. The four forms will be credited to a single grade for this unit.