Instruction for assignment

Your summaries must be double-spaced with 12pt Times New Roman Font. You MUST include a bibliography/works cited. You  MUST insert in-text citations after a direct quote(s) or after any summarized/paraphrased section. Please review the sample paper and rubrics carefully. Do NOT include a header on the first page of your paper (it takes up space).

3 Page Minimum

not including bibliographyInclude the title, but do not include a heading

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Proper Format

1. Must be in MLA or APA format2. Must be double spaced3. Proper Use of Citations4. Grammar/Syntax

students will be expected to write a 3-page paper summarizing the content of the assigned sources. Your summary should take up approximately 2.5 pages. Your reflection should take up at least half a page.

Summary (2.5-page minimum)

· What is the article about (summarize)

· What argument(s) is the author (or authors) making?

Reflection (.5 page minimum)

· Can you relate to the content discussed? If so, how? If you do not relate, do you know someone who can? (Family, friend, peer, etc.)