Agenda 1/19/23Notes taken by Tere Parsley Starne from MICAH

●1. Welcome & Introductions2. Team Updates

● Policy● Communications● Engagement

3. January 25th Launch Updates

● Event on Wednesday, January 25th from 10am- 11:15am● Register here:

4. Announcements & Organizational Updates5. Adjournment

Team UpdatesPolicy – Annie. Session is going. Lay of land. MN House has hurry up and wait attitude. Lots of hearings happening now. We have to have a balanced budget. We need to know how much there is in bank. Will know by Feb. $17 billion in surplus is what it looks like now. Hearings are starting. Committees that impact housing

MN House Committees

MN Senate Committees

Annie wants to do a 101 to answer questions about this structureSue posted this in the chat: Excellent Policy Training: Legislature101

presented byDan Kitzberger, Policy Director, MN Housing

( begins at 18 minutes 44 seconds, about a 35 minutes presentation)

Annie listed the House and Senate Committees that H4A bills will move through

Confusing this year. She is planning to put together a document explaining more.

Gov. introduces Budget on Tues. They released Children and Family Budget last Tues. Focused on ending childhood poverty. Will send out information about what will be in the budget. Hearing a lot of positive things about it. H4A Policy Agenda link

Yesterday in the Housing Committee a Bill that will provide funding for first generation home buyers was heard. HF12 Link in chatHF 12= DownPayment Assistance,

HF 11= Bring it Home,

HF 444 =

Today at 1pm in Health human services finance HF444 Pathway Home Bill that includes emergency services program for people experiencing homelessness. Homeless Youth program Homeless Youth Act. Funding for funding program from CloseKnit. Placed in home with chosen family. Transitional housing. Building shelters. HF444 and here's a link w/more info:

Lots of hearings that have been informational have been held. Now having first ones on specific bills. Our agenda is progressing well.

Pathway home bill. MICAH supports. Concerns about some of the funding for data collection rather than helping people with needs. Data collections services required by HUD

We will send out information about Gov Budget and about the next hearings.

Hearing on Tenant Legislation will be coming on Tues. Annie will check to see when Bill will be heard.

Annie will put links in chat

Question is there a master list of which comm are the comm for different bills? Annie is working on that. She hopes to have done by Monday Policy meeting. And will talk through because it is complicated. Training. Annie hopes to do 101 training for H4A folks at the beginning of Feb. Link to Policy meeting

Excellent Covid provider monthly meeting Excellent Policy Training: Legislature101presented byDan Kitzberger, Policy Director, MN Housing

( begins at 18 minutes 44 seconds, about a 35 minutes presentation)

Communication team Mary – trying to get up to date. Considering adjusting their meeting time. Will post these changes. Policy team will be available on website. Continuing to share out info on Launch. People can join their committee

Engagement Matt – If haven’t registered for launch yet, need to do that. Link in chat. Launch Jan 25 10 am90 registered so far. Not bad for virtual launch

If you can blast promotion to increase registration.Speakers will give overview of what the agenda is. Not like a rally. Engagement team has been working on this.

January 25th Launch Updates

● Event on Wednesday, January 25th from 10am- 11:15am● Register here:

Announcements and organizational updates

MCH homeless day on the hill March 8 in person. 8am go on website there is a register here button on main home page. Program 9 – 10. Legislative visits scheduled if you registered.

Sue – MICAH is supporting rallies and putting out information through our email lists. Having Policy Breakfasts through Feb and March. See information on MICAH website. Excited to see energy in this session. Working on Lead Safe Homes to protect children. Try to move this bill early in the session

Linda – two things. I am on a panel for Nat Coal for the Homeless. Mental healthcare on demand and wil lcover medicaid and recertificaltion today on panel Link in chat NCH Town Hall Meeting

Thursday, January 19th, 2022 2:00 PM CTTopic: Medicaid coverageRegistration Link:

From the grassroots. She lives on a housing voucher. She wants to get housing insecure people to be on a speaker’s bureau. This is coming. Offers her experience to be a speaker. grassroots speakers bureau

Ann asks a question. If anyone has advice on a community development block grant. Working with economic development director on her board is this good? CDB could apply through HRH. Can County Board take on the funds? If she works with county it should clear it up.

Dave – Manufactured Housing proposals. Have authors in House. Opportunity to purchase, rent reform and utilities consumer protection issues. Have all three authored on House side.

What is link to track bills? Link in chat.

Linda – question/problem in the transition back to in-person people in rural Minnesota going to have to ask for hybrid options or phone in options. Feels cut off in rural Minnesota. MCH has been advocating for this. House doesn’t have the technology like the Senate does. House is only taking in-person testimony. There are rooms in Capitol that have the capacity for Zoom. They could change rooms. Meeting resistance. Feels like discrimination for rural people. If we all started phoning in with a well polished presentation.