International Business

Using any search engine, find a multinational company that operates in foreign countries (you can choose one geographical location, Example: McDonalds operating in Russia, Nike operating in India, Starbucks in Italy, IKEA in Saudi Arabia), and study the following areas:

  • Introduction about the company (What is the business of this company?)
  • How does globalization affect this company?
  • Who are the companys main competitors, locally and internationally? Did the company change anything because of the competitors?
  • The Cultural Environments facing/challenging this company, and any alteration in the product to fit the foreign country.
  • The Economic Environments facing/challenging this company (include the foreign countrys economic system and its economic classification)
  • The Companys social responsibilities.
  • Marketing used by this company internationally. Did the company change/alter their marketing (product, price, promotion, place) to meet the needs of the foreign market?

Report Submission:

Title page (contains the group members names, course and section, and the companys name and logo+ location)

Table of content

Include all the points mentioned above.

References (if any)

Without plagiarism and put the reference if there any copies.

Requirements: | .doc file