Interpersonal Communication


Learners will study and observe a nonverbal activity and write an summary documenting the observance.

NOTE: Nonverbal communication is also a form of sending messages as you have read. This activity is designed for students to select a situation either live or a TV clip to carefully view the nonverbal communication. Next, you will apply items 1-5 to what you have observed. The goal is to understand how messages can be sent nonverbally, and the receiver understands the message. We need to be aware that we can be sending messages both verbally and nonverbally.

  • Learning Activity: Sometime during this week, select an occasion or situation to observe face-to-face nonverbal communication; and apply the following. Alternately, If you wish, you can view and upload a short TV clip and apply the following.
  1. Write a concise one page, summary describing your observations.
  2. What was effectively or ineffectively communicated nonverbally?
  3. Did you find that the nonverbal supported and agreed with the verbal communication, or not?
  4. What message was not stated verbally; yet you clearly understood the message? In essence, what was the real unspoken message?
  5. Describe how this learning activity emphasized the importance of giving close attention to nonverbal communication.