Interview guide, questions, and narrative

This is your chance to interview a Director from an ECE program. You will be asking about their job duties, educational background, work experience, staff recruitment and training etc. Detailed questions will be distributed for this assignment. A narrative of your interview should also be included with your completed questionnaire. This narrative should be 1-2 typed pages. Only post in the assignment section.

Due to Covid 19 limitations you can use an existing video from Youtube of a ECE director discussing their roles, responsibilities etc. Click on the link below.

I will attach a link to an interview that was already created. You dont need to do your own interview. Basically, write the detailed questions in the YouTube video. Then write a narrative analuyzing the answers from the video. This alone should be about 2 pages.

The link is

Let me know if you have any questions, thank you for your help! Please dont use any forms of AI or ChatGPT (I will be checking through AI detector)!!!