Introduction to Operations Management (MGT 311)

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management case study and need support to help me learn.


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Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand fundamental supply chain management concepts.
  • Apply knowledge to evaluate and manage an effective supply chain.
  • Understand the foundational role of logistics as it relates to transportation and warehousing.
  • How to align the management of a supply chain with corporate goals and strategies.

Go through the given case scenario

Choose an organization operating in any part of the globe (preferably a supermarket, hypermarket chain (or) a fast-food industry or an electronics equipment manufacturer/distributor, automobile manufacturer, or automotive parts or retail products/services.

The organization you choose should manufacture, market, or distribute some products/services. The competition in these businesses majorly depends upon price, quality, timely delivery, and service (which are core aspects of Supply Chain Management). Hence there is immense pressure on all the organizations in these businesses to keep the four aspects mentioned to their supreme best.

As these businesses are the most emerged industries in the recent past, the supply chain has seen huge transformations. These businesses are getting to the maturing stage and so as the transformations in the supply chain management of these business become more and more competitive, the customer gets only the best products / service.

Note: In case your chosen organization is operating in many countries and deals with many products, it is enough you consider the operations in any one country and indicate some materials that are part of the business and select 2 or 3 materials out of them for providing answers to the questions given below.

Students can make use of graphs, tables, illustrations, maps, pictures, images to add clarity to your answers.

  • Examine and evaluate your chosen organizations Supply Chain, describe its basic working, strategy used by them, key drivers for achieving an integrated supply chain. What is the SCM model used? (2MM)
  • Go through the typical Working of the chosen Organizations logistics process, Is there a role for reverse logistics for your chosen organizations products / services ? If there is a role, explain the process that is applicable. (2MM)
  • Analyse and understand the different modes of transportation employed by your chosen organization. Indicate whether the current arrangements are effective. Suggest improvements for making the transportation sustainable and new modes of transportation. (2MM)
  • What is the Warehouse design used by the chosen organization and provide your idea on the appropriate warehouse design that will be suitable for the future. Justify your choice with proper reason. (2MM)
  • Given the nature of the products that you have selected for your chosen organization, what is the type of Inventory management control that your chosen organization should adopt? Give reasons. (2MM)


  • You must include at least 5 references.
  • Format your references using APA style.
  • Each answer must not be less than 300 words
  • Do not copy from websites
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