12/5/22, 6:27 PM Introduction (Part 1) and Week 1 Discussion (Part 2) – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022 1/6

Introduction (Part 1) and Week 1 Discussion (Part2)


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Self Introduction

Part I: Please tell the class about your background and reasons for taking thiscourse and what you expect to gain from this class.

Your initial discussion posts must be submitted by midnight, Day 3 and then yourresponses to 2 of your classmates' posts by have to be submitted by midnight,Day 7.

Rich_Text_Editor.pdfYour first post in this discussion must be 250 words. It must be made in the firstweek of class. It is used to confirm your entry into the course. If you do notwrite a 250 word first post in this discussion within a week, you will be droppedfrom the course.Week 1 Discussion Post 2: Discuss the three primary concerns inmacroeconomic analysis.

Your initial discussion posts must be submitted by midnight, Day 3 and then yourresponses to 2 of your classmates' posts by have to be submitted by midnight,Day 7.

12/5/22, 6:27 PM Introduction (Part 1) and Week 1 Discussion (Part 2) – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022 2/6

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WK1 DBBernard Vinson posted Dec 5, 2022 7:30 PM





Hello Class, Allow me to introduce myself. For the past 12 years, I have been working in logistics. Has it been achallenge? Yes, it has, but I have enjoyed every moment of it. I like the challenge of getting goodsto a customer and, if need be, having them returned to the company. I am taking this coursebecause it is in my academic plan. I am glad that it is because I can see how the world operatesand ties into the logistics sector from an economic perspective. In addition, I am taking thiscourse to advance in my current career within the government. I expect to gain more knowledgeabout microeconomics and its importance in everything we do. In my downtime, I enjoy traveling, cooking, and reading. I have been to 32 states, and my goal isto visit all 50. Our country has such a rich history, and traveling within the states allows me to seethe different cultures that the states offer. You can go from New Orleans, LA, to New Hampshire,an entirely different environment. I have also traveled to Europe, and my next overseas adventureis in Japan. As for my liking to read, I pick at least three books per season. If I could squeeze infour or five, I would. I enjoy reading because it takes me away from the hustle and bustle of lifeand immerses me in the story.I am looking forward to these eight weeks; good luck to everyone. Part 2: The three primary concerns of Macroeconomics are Gross Domestic Product (GDP),unemployment, and inflation. Gross Domestic Product is the total market value of all final goods and services produced in agiven year.Unemployment occurs when not all people, who are willing and able to work, can obtain a job.With this, the ratio of unemployment is the number of unemployed to the total number of


12/5/22, 6:27 PM Introduction (Part 1) and Week 1 Discussion (Part 2) – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022 3/6

Week 1 introJustin Brannon posted Dec 5, 2022 7:13 PM





Good Evening Class,

Part 1

My name is Justin Brannon, I am 27 years old and from Willingboro, New Jersey. I have one beautifuldaughter named Laila and she is my world. I love to travel, lift weights and spend time with my family. Iam currently stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina for the second time and I’m in a pretty good unit. I’vebeen in the Army for a little over ten years, some people say the hard part is over. I guess we will see. I amgoing for my bachelor’s degree in supply chain management. I expect to gain better understanding ofmacroeconomics while taking this class. Microeconomics was a very interesting class and I learned a lotfrom it so I can only imagine what this class has instore for me.

Part 2

Macroeconomics is defined as the part of economics concerned with large-scale or general economicfactors, such as interest rates and national productivity. Now for the three primary concerns inmacroeconomics are employment and unemployment, Inflation and economic growth. Employment andunemployment changes when labor resources are available or become unavailable. Sometimes people areunable to work, or some people are not always able to obtain a job for different reason. Inflation is therise in price over a short or long period of time. Economic growth is defined as the increase in the amountof goods and services produced per head of the population over a period of time.



Week 1 Self introductionJonathan Malcolm posted Dec 5, 2022 6:48 PM Subscribe

Good evening all,

My name is Jonathan Malcolm, I am a United States Marine Corps veteran. I

served five years with almost three of those years stationed in Japan, and

the last two years in South Carolina. I was a structural and hydraulic

mechanic for the F-18 Legacy Hornets. I had originally started university

before I joined the Marine Corps, so now I'm about half way done with my

bachelors. I am currently enrolled in the business management program so I

can continue to excel at Lockheed Martin, where I work now.

Recently leaving the Marine Corps has been one of the hardest transitions

I've ever done. All in the last year I have started a new job in a new career

12/5/22, 6:27 PM Introduction (Part 1) and Week 1 Discussion (Part 2) – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022 4/6




field, bought my first home by myself, moved away from family, and now

going after my degree to further better my education and hopefully my

career path. I have found that the Marine Corps has changed me in so many

good ways. Most importantly it has given me the drive and focus to want to

better myself and finally finish a degree I started almost eight years ago.

Im taking this class to continue in my business management degree, and it seems like the

most interesting of the options I had. I hope to gain a better understanding of

macroeconomics and how to use that to have a better understanding of the worlds

economy. I believe that regardless of your degree program these classes can be very useful

to be able to understand, predict, and interpret what's going on in the world. Ultimately I

hope to get better at that.


Week 1: Jonathan SejasJonathan Sejas posted Dec 5, 2022 2:31 PM Subscribe

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

My name is Jonathan Sejas and I am very happy to meet all of you. I am a member of the

United States Marine Corps that is proudly serving my country. I decided to finally take

advantage of the programs offered to us and started my first year of online college here at

American Public University. I have been in the military for three years now and am now

coming up on my final year in my enlistment. I currently work in the Logistics field, so I am

now studying for a Logistics degree since it will help out of the Marine Corps. To give some

more information about myself, I am twenty one years old and a first generation American

that was born and raised in Virginia. I joined the military after high school, so I wouldn't

have to do college, but life works in pretty funny ways since I ended up starting college

here in the military.

I'm hoping to learn a lot more about how economics work since I was pretty interested in

finances back in high school. I'm not really sure what is Macroeconomics and

Microeconomics, so all of the content in these classes will be completely new to me and

I'm hoping that there will be a use for this information in aspect of my daily life, however

little it is. I am hoping that this class will be helpful with keeping me more responsible and

manageable of my time and tasks.

12/5/22, 6:27 PM Introduction (Part 1) and Week 1 Discussion (Part 2) – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022 5/6





Week 1: Korey SteeleKorey Steele posted Dec 5, 2022 1:27 PM





Good afternoon class, my name is Korey Steele and I am a 11b currently stationed in Texas.

Currently I am pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Macroeconomics will be an

essential class for my major and my future career. I took Microeconomics last session and I

am excited to now see the differences between the two classes. I expect to gain a

understanding about what Macroeconomics is and how it impacts our society.

The three primary concerns of Macroeconomics discussed in the first lesson are GDP,

unemployment, and inflation. GDP also known as gross domestic product is the output of

products that a country produces. GDP is used to give a basic overview of the state of a

country's economy at any point of time. Typically analysts use real GDP as opposed to

nominal GDP because real GDP takes inflation into account when looking at price changes.

The unemployment rate is another statistic that is used to analyze the economy of a

country. Usually if the economy is growing and the GDP is increasing then the

unemployment rate will decrease and more people will have jobs. This is because when

there is more product being produced there will be a need for more labor. The final tool

used to measure the economic state of a nation is the inflation rate. This is the increase of

the price of products over time. One way the inflation rate is calculated is through looking

at the ratio of nominal GDP compared to real GDP.


12/5/22, 6:27 PM Introduction (Part 1) and Week 1 Discussion (Part 2) – ECON102 D005 Fall 2022 6/6

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Xiaodong Wu's Self-IntroductionXiaodong Wu posted Nov 23, 2022 11:04 PM





Dear All,

My name is Xiaodong Wu and it is a pleasure to meet you. I will be your instructor for this