In order to practice presenting yourself to others and fostering collaboration within an academic community, you will upload a video introducing yourself to your colleagues. This Assignment has a lower point value to reduce first-week anxiety around technology requirements. However, you are required to learn this technology as you will be using Kaltura Media in your Final Project for this course, as well as in other courses within the program. Learning the technology now allows you to develop the skills needed to complete later course requirements.

When recording videos, remember that you are creating a professional presentation. If you stumble a bit, don’t feel you have to record yourself again because this is not a formal presentation, such as a speech. However, your video does need to be  professional. In other words, dress professionally and conduct yourself as if you are in an agency setting with colleagues and supervisors. Be sure to record yourself in a room that is quiet and where no one interrupts you.

Remember: This Assignment has a lower point value to reduce first-week anxiety around technology requirements. The goal is to become comfortable with a common technological tool in the online classroom.

Please write in paper the information below for my video also you have video to watch in order to complete this discussion

Post a 3- to 5-minute video introducing yourself to the class. Please include:

· Your name: Lua Shanks

· Your geographic location: Cleveland Mississippi

· A brief description of your educational accomplishments (e.g., degrees and schools attended): Bachelor’s degree in child development Master degree in early childhood education

· A brief description of your employment history and/or experience in the social work field: teaching head start, teaching second grade, teaching 7-8 grade science


· A description of your vision of a social work hero filled this in please


· An explanation of how you might use principles related to strengths, empowerment, and resiliency in your practice: filled this in please

To ensure accessibility for your peers, please use the closed captioning function available in the Kaltura Media player. Your video will be captioned automatically about an hour after it has been uploaded.  


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Note: In Week 1, you may download this PDF excerpt from your course text so that you have extra time to purchase the text. For the remaining weeks, please be sure to acquire the full textbook.

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Note: Scroll through the selections on the page linked above to find this video.

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