Is hunting inhumane?

6-8 pages, MLA style with a Works Cited page.

Research on the topic of hunting. Is hunting considered ethical or humane? Animal rights activists oppose any killing of an animal for meat, whether it’s done in a slaughterhouse or a forest, but there are arguments specifically against hunting that are important to understand.

In your introduction (or if you choose, elsewhere in the essay) you should situate the issue in the context of what we have learned so far this semester, including reference to the ideas of philosophers and/or writers of literature.

Go beyond what we read in class. Gather information about your issue that will help to inform your view of it. Credible websites are allowed, but you must also make use of at least one academic source (journal article or book) accessed through the Xavier Library’s QuickSearch []. There is no set number of sources to use, but the more academic sources that you cite, the more impressive your essay will be.

Below I have attached the sources from class that should help this paper. Please use other sources like stated above to make the paper stronger.