Getting Started with the Capstone Project

The "Capstone Project Guidelines" document is available in the School of Information Technology  LibGuide (BSIT/ITCO-498). 

Unit 1 Requirements: Planning and Systems Requirements

1. Read the Capstone Project Guidelines document in its entirety and contact your instructor with any questions. 

2. Group Assignment: None in this unit. 

3. Individual Assignment: Research and analyze the stated requirements of the Capstone Project Scenario. 

In a 3-5-page MS Word document, address the following:

· What unstated requirements are there, and what method(s) would you use to collect a more comprehensive set of requirements? 

· Describe all of the requirements (stated and unstated) and explain how they could be met using hardware, software, networking, and security. In other words, summarize the elements of the solution that are necessary to address the requirements. Support your proposal. 

Your paper should be in APA format and include a title page and references page, neither of which count towards the page length requirement.