Research & Report

For your Journal Assignment, you should find two articles that relates to the material covered in your reading this week:

· CHAPTER 1: Cyberspace: The New Frontier for Policing</li

· CHAPTER 2: Definitions of Cyber Terrorism

· CHAPTER 3: New and Emerging Threats of Cyber Crime and Terrorism

· CHAPTER 4: Police Investigation Processes: Practical Tools and Techniques for Tackling Cyber Crimes

· CHAPTER 5: Cyber Specifications: Capturing User Requirements for Cyber-Security Investigations

Use any peer reviewed resources ( government websites) to find an article that discusses the same topic. Then write in an APA review of the article. You should submit two of these. Submit them in the same document.


· Complete two article reviews.

· Each review shouold have a minimum of 250-350 words.

· Each review should explain the significance of the article and relate it to your reading this week.

· Each review should end with your opinion on the pros or cons of the article being reviewed.

· Note: Do NOT use any articles older than 5 years.This field is always changing, so you should be using current information (no older than five years).

· Note: Do NOT simply cut-and-paste from a website or from an article. Yes, you should be sources to find the information for this journal assignment, but do not simply cut-and-paste someone else's words. As you review the article, put it in your own words. Be sure to cite in APA. If you copy and paste, you will NOT get credit for doing this. Your reviews must be your own words, thoughts, and analysis.