jay powerpoint


Create an 8 slide PPT, or some other presentation, that accomplishes the following:

  1. Chose  some ethical issue you feel is important (abortion, gun control,  climate change, eating meat, anything that can be considered a moral  matter if you are unsure, be sure to clear with your instructor)
  2. Present research on the situation being sure to clearly discuss both sides, as much as possible. Some conundrums will have much more weight on one side than the other such as climate change.
  3. Reiterate  the primary theories contained in your moral compass from week 3 and  then explain the position on this issue your compass promotes.
  4. Include a proper references/works cited slide (APA or MLA).

For  example, say you want to address gender-neutral bathrooms in public  buildings. First, present some research from sources promoting that they  should exist and from sources promoting they should not.  Note, your compass may have evolved and if so, work in the new  components. Finally, state your position clearly (they should or should  not exist) and how your compass justifies that position.