PSYC 575

Journal Article Summary Template

Answer the following 8 questions and submit the completed Journal Article Summary Template as well as a PDF of the article being reviewed to Canvas.

1. Current APA reference of article being reviewed:

2. What is the research problem that is being investigated? What is the purpose of the research being conducted?

3. What is the research question?

4. What are 2 or more theories that are discussed in the Introduction? How are they used to motivate (or set up) the research question? Do the authors agree or disagree with these theories?

5. How is the research question operationalized? First, identify the abstract constructs being studied. Next, identify the concrete way these are being observed or measured. This should include your IV and DV.

6. What is the research design (i.e. between or within subjects, what type of statistical tests were used, what were the levels of each variable)?

7. Describe the results (but not their broader implications). Were the results significant? Which ones? Do these support or not support the hypothesis?

8. What limitations are mentioned? Why are these limitations theoretically interesting?

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.