Topic Identification

The topic getting studied is cyber security which is highly imperative in the current digital world since many people are relying on information technology (IT) for their daily needs. The IT environment requires transforming existing operations to ensure it can deal with emerging security issues. The proposed transformation of legacy systems to advanced cybersecurity operations like cloud, hardware, software, application, and Internet of Things (IoT) security are all imperative. They ensure effective communication can be attained in the network so there would be faster and more accurate transactions. It is possible to establish fast internet connections when security operations are integrated to enhance reliable user operations.

Cited Problem

There is a problem which is called cyber security challenges that have affected many devices depending on IT. According to Li & Liu (2021), cyberattacks have been an emerging threat affecting different persons when they use devices connected to the internet where malicious users infect the devices, causing security threats to stored data. Internet operations are related to security since there is a possibility of enhancing faster communication devices using good internet speeds. The types of cyber-attacks affecting different systems are insider threats, malware, phishing, denial of services, viruses, worms, or Trojan horse attacks (Li & Liu, 2021). Vulnerabilities can be introduced here as IT personnel aware of cyber-attack techniques could eliminate a secure environment once there is a seamless and accurate connection to their intended devices.

Population Getting Addressed

The population getting addressed includes persons who create cyber-attacks and those affected by the attacks. The primary sources of cyber threats are foreign countries, groups, hackers, internal employees, or terrorists (Li & Liu, 2021). Security must be implemented in different systems when common cyber-attacks are managed. The switches would enable the IT environment to connect all components requiring constant communication. The remote access functionality promotes the company's operations since it can implement network access controls that enable employees to work from any location.

Methodology to Get Used

The research shall integrate a qualitative research design since it majorly relies on interpretive and investigative techniques. There can be an accurate analysis of actual data studying cybersecurity issues.

Article Assessment

An article by Moustafa et al. (2021) used a qualitative research process to illustrate how cybersecurity challenges have been frequently dislodged on many user devices. The research question was to determine the role of user behaviour when improving cybersecurity. The application of a literature review illustrated that user behaviour needs to change so that there would be no introduction of vulnerabilities to any system.


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Moustafa, A. A., Bello, A., & Maurushat, A. (2021). The role of user behaviour in improving cyber security management. Frontiers in Psychology, 12.