Healthcare Marketing and Communication Plan- Addition of Adolescent Residential Program at Bellevue Hospital

IHP 510 Dr. Paul Vanassche

Keisha Dover

My proposed service to be added to Bellevue Hospital is a residential facility for adolescents treating substance abuse and mental health issues.


Key Ideas:

Need for longer term, residential setting for adolescent mental health and substance use

Partnership with the judicial system

Increase mental health & substance use services to help decrease crime in the area

Contract with state insurances and utilize grants to meet the needed population

The top thoughts from the proposal are emphasizing the need for a longer term setting that can help adolescents learn healthy ways to live while addressing any mental health and/or substance use issues. The current population served by Bellevue has seen a recent increase in crime and adolescent involvement in the judicial system. By offering this service and creating a partnership with the judicial system, there is great opportunity to help adolescents turn their lives around and not continue on a path of destruction into adulthood. Contracting with state insurance plans and applying for grants will be a huge help for the low-income population of those situated in closest proximity to Bellevue.



*Lack of financial support/funding for programming

*Creating a safe but successful partnership with the judicial system for first time offenders

*Offering continued adolescent support without direct support from home

The challenges I learned while researching for the program were the difficulties with financial support and funding. Bellevue will need to pay employees, provide a safe facility for the services, and maintain continuous programming which all cost money. One will need to identify specific state grants to help fund the start of this program and ultimately, to aid in maintaining the program long-term. Another challenge will be connecting patients to continued support once they’ve completed the program. Many adolescents will be returning to toxic home lives so a clear treatment plan with support will need to be established prior to patients discharging from the program.


Ethical Considerations Used to Execute the plan:

AMA Code of Ethics- honesty, compassion, respect with no discrimination

The ethical considerations I used to execute the plan are in alignment with the AMA Code of Ethics. These consist of honesty, compassion and respect. The individuals one would need to market the service to are highly vulnerable and often have experienced a great amount of trauma so it is important that when executing the plan, we must maintain respect and compassion for all involved. Lastly, because Bellevue prides itself on treating all patients without discrimination, we must adhere to this as well and ensure all people feel equal for the plan to be successful.