KINS 256: Week 1 Activity – Applying Research

Respond to the following prompts in the spaces provided or on a separate paper. You are encouraged to work in groups, but every person is responsible for submitting their own unique assignment.

Setting Up for Quality Research:

1. What is your question – what do you already know about the topic and what are you trying to learn specifically?

2. Outline the process you will use to find quality information related to your question.

3. Include an APA citation of the article you found (and will use for the remainder of this activity)

4. Evaluate the article using the ACT-UP criteria that was discussed in class

Dissecting the Research

5. For the article you selected what type of research (lab/field and descriptive/correlational/experimental) was this? Explain why you think this briefly.

6. List the dependent and independent variables that were discussed

7. Evaluate the introduction section and highlight the major points

8. Briefly summarize the methods & results sections of the article

9. Review the discussions section. Reflect on what answers to your original question were provided and discuss any new questions raised. Consider how the information gathered can be applied, including the limitations.

10. Reflect on this process. What did you learn or gain confidence in about research. Where do you feel you still have questions or need additional assistance? Whatever other thoughts come to mind.