Imagine that you are a technical business analyst for an organization. Leadership within that organization is anticipating that they will soon need to move the on-premise systems to a cloud-based system. Before they do so, they want to fully understand what will go into a comparison between on-premise solutions and the same solution hosted in the cloud. They are also unaware of the specific business requirements that would influence a decision like moving to a cloud-based system. Therefore, you are asked to begin researching the information associated with a cost analysis.

However, you will not be performing all of the tasks typically associated with a cost analysis in the field. You will analyze what will need to be considered for a cost analysis of cloud vs. on-premise solutions. Your information will determine when, where, and how the organization should go about this technological change. Although you are not yet given the task of actually conducting the cost analysis, you need to emphasize to leadership all of the components of this change that will need to be considered.


Create a document, table, or visual to prepare for a cost analysis of a cloud-based solution compared to an on-premise solution based on the following business requirements:

· Support for proxy authentication

· Role-based management

· Encryption on storage and transmission

In your work, you will have to address what will need to be considered for both a cloud-based solution and an on-premise solution. Specifically, the following critical elements must be met:


· Who will you need to hire for each solution?

· What kind of staff is needed for each solution?

Hardware and Software

· What hardware and software will you need for each solution?


· What are the utility concerns, such as electricity and cooling, for each solution?


· What are the security concerns for each solution, and how is information secured on each solution?

Potential Costs

· What are the potential costs for each solution, based upon these components?

· You are encouraged to use the   

· to get estimates of the costs, but you are not limited to this tool. You may use other resources or tools to estimate the costs. Keep in mind that this is only an estimate, but you should be calculating based on what you indicated as answers in the previous questions.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your 1- to 2-page document or visual via a .doc file format. Table  Description automatically generated

Table  Description automatically generated


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