1. Download the accompanying file entitled label. Choose a favorite food and obtain the nutrition label from that food. Using that label fill in the information on the blank label form. Answer the following questions.

2. What is the name of the food?

3. What is the predominant ingredient by weight?

4. In what food group of the pyramid is this food found?

5. What is the serving size according to the label?

6. How many serving would you commonly eat at one sitting?

7. What nutrients does this food contribute to your diet in significant amounts?

8. Is this a nutrient dense food?

9. What could you substitute to make a healthier food choice?

10. When you read the food label and ingredients, what information did you find that you did not expect? (more calories, more fat, poor source of certain nutrients…etc)

11. Does the product make any special claims to be healthy?

12. Submit the label information and the answers to the above questions.