Assignment CB 2-1: Labor Progress

Required Readings

Readings from online:

· (


Readings from purchased books:

· Read “Postgraduate Training – Renee and Oliver” (ninth chapter),  Homebirth in the Hospital, pp. 111-23

Assignment to Turn in

Describe how we know this mothers labor was changing and progressing.  Use these points from the Progressive model of care to do so:

· Labor has indistinct starts and stops

· Cervical dilation is only one of the signs of progression.

· Labor is characterized by plateaus and hills of progress.

· Labor and birth are unpredictable

· Emotional aspects play a role in the ability to progress

· Specific signs (including cervical dilation) are an indicator of progress, though cannot determine the length of labor.

· A pathologic labor is one in which either mother or baby is in distress.

· Each woman has a unique labor pattern.