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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Section A

Part 1: In section 3.3, it had you ask a lot of questions about your topic. Ideally, Id love for you to think about ALL of these questions, but for this assignment, Id like you to pick three and answer those questions about your topic. Each response to each question should be at least 50 words, so you should have around 150 words by the end of this.

Part 2:

Following the three (3) steps in section 3.4, write out your I want to study______because_______ (No Word Count)

Section B

Visit website.

Search for a grant related to your topic (preferably) or one that interests you.

Write a flash proposal in one or two paragraphs for this grant you’ve chosen. Your proposal may look different from your peers due to different requirements If you dont know budget or timeline, create a scenario for now.

100-200 words

Section C

Practice MLA or APA formatting.

Write one page on what you plan to do over Spring break in a couple of weeks.

Format it in either MLA or APA style.

Optional: Make up a source to practice Works Cited or References Page