Langauage of Negotiation


Instructions: From the notes that you have made please answer the questions below. Ensure that you do the correct in-text citation if you make reference to the literature. Examples from the data must be used to illustrate your answers. an upload of the negotiation will be provided

You have been given an excerpt of a verbatim text of the opening phase of the negotiation between the University and Allied Workers Union (UAWU) and Cable and Wireless (C&W). With a partner, using the text as data, answer all of the following questions: 

  1. Identify the manifest (surface) conflict between UAWU and C&W in the text and distinguish it from what you suppose to be the underlying conflict. Briefly discuss examples from the text helped you to make your analysis.
    [4 marks]
  2. (a) Identify two instances of face threatening language in the negotiation. Show why they should be analyzed that way.
    (b) Identify two instances of face protecting language in the negotiation. Show why they should be analyzed that way.


  1. Identify the Dominant Ego-State (Parent, Adult, and Child) of both Mr. Brown and Mr. Harvey. Be sure to include supporting statements from the text.
    [4 marks]
  2. Identify and explain the effectiveness of two tactics found in the negotiation. Ensure that you provide evidence for your answers.
    [4 marks]
  3. Identify the Conflict Management style of both Mr. Brown and Mr. Barrow. Be sure to provide at least two (2) utterances to illustrate each style.
    [4 marks]
  4. Discuss the level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) displayed by both parties. Discuss the four domains of the EI as displayed in the negotiation and state which team had a higher level of EI. Justify your answer.
    [5 marks]
  5. Mr. Brown is a hired negotiator for the UAWU. Given the data in the text, what do you suppose were his instructions for this day of the negotiations? Give reasons for your answer. Discuss with the use of appropriate examples:


a. Whether Mr. Brown successfully carried out his mandate b. Whether his use of language helped or hindered him in this