Lead and Manage Organizational Change


Complete the following activities with the help of :

1. Research best practice change management strategies

Completely survey the contextual investigation data gave previously. Investigate the organization’s hierarchical targets and consider the essential changes needs that should happen in view of vital goals.

Survey Samson Media’s present HR strategy and methods, their essential destinations and the requirement for change. In the light of the progressions needed to the association, consider changes that might should be made to the HR strategies and techniques. Make notes for use in your instructions report.

Utilizing the Internet, research change the board, issues and works on, including obstructions that can impact on change, and best practice change the executives systems. Make notes for consideration in your preparation report and to help you in distinguishing best practice change the executives techniques for Samson Media.

You will also need to identify these sources of information in your briefing report to show that you have identified expert guidance on change management. Thus, cause notes on every one of the wellsprings of data you to recognize and utilize. You ought to distinguish somewhere around three wellsprings of data that could be viewed as master sources.

Screen Samson Media’s outside climate by investigating and breaking down patterns in magazine distributing and online magazine readership, and their effect on Samson Media’s hierarchical targets as set out in the situation data. This ought to likewise incorporate a PESTLE assessment assessing political, monetary, social, innovation, lawful and ecological elements. Make notes on the wellsprings of data and your overall discoveries for consideration in your instructions report.

Consider major functional change necessities and suggested request of need considering your audit of the situation data and HR strategy and methodology. Make notes for use in your report.

1. Develop change management briefing report

The purpose of the change management report is to identify change requirements and open doors and to illuminate the advancement regarding the change the management plan.

The report will likewise remember a part for hazard the board to guarantee that the organization is prepared for all possibilities.

Use the briefing report template to guide you work.

Your briefing report must address:

  • An overview of the        current situation facing Samson Industries including:
  • Analysis of the        companys organisational objectives and identification of strategic        changes needs.
  • A review of the        current human resources policies and procedures and practices at Samson        Media against strategic objectives and report on required changes.
  • An analysis of the        external environment relevant to Samson Media and its objectives,        including events/trends that impact on strategic objectives, including        trends in magazine publishing, as well as trends in on-line magazine        readership. Your analysis should reflect a PESTLE analysis approach,        reviewing political, economic, social, technology, legal and        environmental factors.
  • An outline of the        major operational change requirements for Samson Media based on your        analysis and review, as well as recommended priorities for change.
  • Sources of information        you identified about best practice change management strategies, as well        as an overview of best practice change management strategies. Summarise        each source of information and briefly outline how it has assisted in        identifying major change requirements and opportunities.
  • A cost-benefit        analysis of the high priority change requirements and opportunities.        Research and document any costs for the change requirements you are        recommending.
  • Recommended        communication and education strategies to inform all stakeholders of the        change, as well as promote the benefits of the change.
  • Risk analysis of the        potential risks/barriers to change for Samson Media and strategies to        overcome risks and barriers to change. In identifying risks and barriers        to change and solutions to address these, you must demonstrate        high-level problem-solving skills to identify all possible risks, as        well as innovative approaches to risk mitigation.

Samson Media

Change Management Briefing Report


Samson media magazine is perhaps the best medium organization in Australia. It conveys quality and rich data through their magazine. They distribute their magazine every last Friday of the month with the moving issue all over the planet. They sell their magazine as a printed copy in general store and other newspaper kiosk all over Australia. It is known with respect to demonstrating lavish and luxurious experience to their peruses and really authentic substance and administration.

Samson media have their own distributor channel and medium to publish their magazine within the Australia country.

Increment returns on capital utilized to 8% inside 2 years

 Authorize a ground-breaking difference in the organization that will change all magazines over to an advanced configuration.

Close the printing and appropriation site.

Accomplish cost efficiencies through moving the administrative centre to a more modest office.

Rebuild head office staff through moving to a more modest centre of long-lasting staff and more agreement staff.

a. objective and identification of strategic changes needs.

The new CEO, Amir Johnson has developed with his team of managers a strategic plan which includes the following objectives to ensure business sustainability of Samson Media.

Expanding return to capital:

the principal objective is to expand the arrival of funding to 8% in 2 years. In late year the fall in readership has prompted the decline in the arrival of capital. This is because of the expenses to maintain the distributing business activities, particularly in printing and circulation, continue as before, while the benefit is diminishing because of absence of membership.

Office migration:

Even though moving and scaling back the workplace space would prompt decrease in running expense per annum, we should recognize that there would be cost required during the migration interaction which incorporate recruiting of movers and carriers. Extra expense may likewise be brought about from the staff stipends when getting staff to come and help with pressing and record arranging processes before the real movement just as unloading upon migration.

Digital transformation:

one more justification behind the decrease in readership has to do with the movement of readership from printed media to computerized stage. Most in the event that not all peruses like to peruse and peruse while they are driving to and from their work environment, and this implies the perusing is done through their telephones and advanced gadgets. Printed media has been and will keep on experiencing the headway of advanced innovation unless samson media change according to the trend by transforming and elevate.

Decrease of Running Costs:

The current running expenses of Samson Media are as per the following. All staff are full-time long-lasting staff and their absolute compensation costs per annum is $3,370,000.00. The expense of running the printing and dispersion site, in addition to staff costs is right now roughly $1,500,000 per annum. The current office lease is $500,000 per annum. There will be a saving of around $1,500,000 per annum from the relocation from printed to computerized stage itself. Furthermore, along these lines, cost decreases can be accomplished from the workplace rental diminishing which can be accomplished through scaling down the workplace space.

Features which would increase the leadership

New substance: Firstly, the new magazine will zero in on wellbeing, magnificence, design and big-name tattles. Wellbeing is fundamental piece of cheerful living and what come next is excellence as society these days is entwining wellbeing and magnificence. Design is additionally a significant highlight centre around as a great many people are extremely stylish and use shopping as a type of pressure treatment. VIP tattle on another hand, is something that a larger part of society is quick to know. This can be anything from who is dating who, to the problem areas which this and that big name is seen showing up, just as the motion pictures, dramatization series, gigs, visits and shows by which well-known big names and specialists are associated with.

Membership: one more method for expanding the income from the readership is to have a mystery, as free substance, while offering full access on membership premise. This is perceptible in applications like Spotify in which the individuals who buy in on a base month to month charge get to single out the music which they like and saved that music into redid playlists.

Extra elements: extra highlights, for example, video cuts, digital recording and conversation are esteem adding materials which will support memberships and thus, increment the readership of the magazines. This is on the grounds that to readership in the computerized ages lean toward intelligent substance. Other than this, the degree of pertinence of advanced substance can be refreshed and transferred at content stretches.

b. A survey of the current HR strategies and techniques and practices at

Samson Media against key targets and report on required changes.

From recent years the readership rate has fallen radically. It impacted in the organization’s deal and not ready to acquire satisfactory benefit. Organization not ready to contribute more cash since absence of creating gain with past distributed duplicates. Their standard crowd is from age 35 to 54 age since they for the most part cover about style. The primary purpose for fall of readership rate is on the grounds that many the contenders are relocating to computerized stages. They began selling their magazine in the advanced and openness new region. The contenders focusing on the style enterprises as well as begun expounding on different fields, for example, game, wellbeing and medication and so on They are focusing on all sort of field and crowd. They were focusing on low pay gathering and ready to create gain in more modest sum in enormous amounts. Computerized stages enjoys its own benefit and inconvenience. They were selling their magazine at less expensive cost than contenders. Samson media didn’t embrace advanced stage because of this difficult move their benefit has tumbled to 20% and just as it impacted in the offer cost.

Because of the current circumstance Samson Media needs to powerfully move to advanced stage just to acquire the benefit again and contend their rivals. Any remaining media organization has quit selling their magazine arrangement and everybody upheld the current change and going paperless item. This assisted them with acquiring benefit in twofold then their past deal. So, the samson media the board with new CEO has consider this change and prepared to make a move to adjust innovation in the media market.

External environment analysis

PESTLE analysis represents political, financial, social, Technological, Legal, ecological. It is primary idea about advertising standards. It is generally expected used to screen the organization’s current circumstance they are working in and intending to send off any sort of new item on the lookout. It assists with checking a general eye on arrangement for long time. PESTLE analysis is pretty much as same as SWOT analysis. To separate more, I will sum up the PESTLE analysis as indicated by what it addresses as;

Political: Samson media ought to know about government tax arrangements once they move to the advanced stages. The sort of rules and guideline to be executed and the sort of licenses are needed to fire up they are completely associated with in this progression. Every association should know their classes which they classifications under and the arrangement/charge which charges under government rules and guidelines act.

Economic: An ascent in expansion can influence in economy with direct influence the merchant and the purchaser. On the off chance that the customer doesn’t have buy power then the interest and supply will be low. Samson media should be exceptionally cautious when they will relocate. It should be ideal opportunity to enter in the market which doesn’t influence both purchaser and the merchant.

Social: Companies need to adjust the latest thing of the nation and give such sort of data; they should realize the rush hour of purchasing magazine. Local area gatherings can be made by new distributing techniques. New advanced stage on perusing permits individuals to share and visit about the news and most recent tattles. A danger that interpersonal interaction might force is about awful audits and, in this manner, have a contrary view pointer which might influence the peruses. E-advertiser has detailed that a few new organizations CEOs inside the media business are learning via web-based media to support development and assemble future associations with the clients.

Mechanical: Technology assumes a fundamental part in any industry. Organization should accompany imaginative innovation. For instance, computerization, organization need to adjust innovation and carry out in their item to acquire benefit with utilizing less assets and human connection.

Legal: This can be both the inside and the outer sides. Organization ought to know about every one of the laws related of the nations connected with their field. Samson media ought to know about works laws and buyers laws. As they distribute data for the creator it is essential to patent data.

Environmental: Samson media organization ought to consider the ecological factors more significantly.

Sources of information on change management and best practice approaches

Samson media has strategy which is trailed by each worker in the association. It is clear notice that any sort of changes in the association or any sort of new interaction included representatives can be cutback as per the association necessity. Representatives can be ended considering the abilities needed in the further interaction. Samson media has been rehearsing this strategy for significant stretch.

By adjusting advanced stage there can be numerous worker end as many representatives centre around the selling printed copy magazine and they don’t have sufficient measure of abilities to deal with computerized stage. So, there is stature change for format of specific division and lessening labour. Likewise, numerous representatives are recruited on the task bases. Because of changes in the current cycle their agreement can be ended assuming this is the case organization never again need their position.

Their subsequent approach centre around unsatisfied with their exhibition. While changing in

the cycle organization in all actuality do check their representatives past execution on any admirable sentiment organization can end their agreement if they are not happy with their presentation.

Risks and barriers to change and strategies to overcome these


Risk Likelihood Impact Priority Preventative description   Action/Contingency Plan 


Customer adaptation 

Delays in delivery of outsourced products and services and services 

Digital marketing 

Competition from the brands specializing in digital magazine 

Inclusion of new kinds of content for the magazine 

Staff resistance 




Customers do not need to know about the change only. They need to know   how the change will affect them as well as how they will adapt to the change.   





The organisation can change providers and products for change. 

Change can be done when products and sources are provided in time and   appropriately. 


May end up in Niche market 

Loss of revenue, loss of reading subscription 

Ensuring it remains wide by monitoring the subscription and range of   publication… 


May not be purchased by the buyers 

May lose its revenue 

Include high-quality content to neutralize the effect of stiff   competition 


It may not be liked by the loyal customers 

As customers would not associate with it and hence there would not be   any brand recall 

Inform the customers about the new features so that they are prepared 


Staff trust on the company 


Follow the planning with the manager as suggested at  

Providing relevant, sufficient resources to drive them towards change   will be a necessary thing to do, so that they are comfortable and ready to   adjust to the new development within the organization. 

Major change requirements 

Identify and document major operational change requirements based on the scenario information and your research and analysis to date. 

The major functional change in Samson Media is to remunerate the workers

also furnish them with a space to verbalize them. This can be accomplished either through the legitimization on the desperate outcome of inability to act and develop, or the propelling variables or advantages of changing and progressing.

Correspondence should be worked on through change the board. A healthy way to deal with conveying and executing the change is vital to guarantee the accomplishment of the change. Anarchic, dictator and single direction approaches ought to be stayed away from as they would misfire and become counter-useful.

Criticism from the representatives should be gathered in regard to work fulfillment and work culture. Permitting them to be associated with the change to make the association on why the change is vital for their own objectives or destinations.

Embrace a ground-breaking difference in the organization that will change all magazines over to an advanced configuration. The organization will have advanced media specialists who might give applicable preparation. All the staff from printing office will be up gifted to advanced cycle and will add as far as anyone is concerned.

Close the printing and dispersion site.

The KPI must be carried out to gauge compelling change and adherence to overhauled work liabilities.

Accomplish cost efficiencies through moving the administrative centre to a more modest office.

Rebuild head office staff through moving to a more modest centre of long-lasting staff and more agreement staff. There will be change in design of the organization as the staff individuals will be moved from super durable to brief staff, the obligations and sets of responsibilities will be modified and characterized at Samson media.

Prioritisation of change requirements 

Outline your recommended priorities for each of the change requirements, including your reasoning/.

transforming the print magazine to cutting edge medium in view of the great market for computerized magazines.

Compensating staffs people to stay away from a consistent misfortune rate.

Making and growing channels of correspondence as the representatives understand left because of the lack of interest disposition of the administration.

Cost-benefit analysis

Provide cost-benefit analysis of the high priority change requirements and opportunities. Use the information in the scenario to inform your analysis. You may also need to research costs for the change requirements you are recommending. 


Category   (cost)



Consulting   with expert



Upskill   staff for online publication and content



Communicate   change with remaining staff and provide support



Distribution   staff redundant



Category   (benefit)



Online   magazine upheld by other substance mediums, for example, digital broadcasts   and video cuts is made accessible through a membership model


Shutdown   print and distribution site and make site staff redundant



Move to   a little administrative center that would suit the more modest administrative   center staff


Recommended communication and education strategies

Outline your recommended communication and education strategies to promote the benefits of the change

Informing employees about the changes and progress via email.

Conducting regular staff meeting

Reminders and memos


Risk Assessment

Identify potential risks and barriers to change and strategies to address these using the risk assessment template. Demonstrate your problem-solving skills, as well as innovation skills to identify risks/barriers to change, as well as to identify relevant and innovative strategies to deal with risks/barriers to change.

Complete the risk assessment table below to you to record risks and solutions. 

Risks and barriers to change and strategies to overcome these


Risk description




Preventative   Action/Contingency Plan







2. send an email to the CEO and Senior Management (your assessor).

The text of the email ought to be in linguistically right English, written in a proper (respectful, systematic) style.

It ought to present and sum up the substance of the connection and request an arrangement to talk about the report and to give input into the change the board cycle.

Attach your change management briefing report to the email.












26 January 2022



Change management briefing report.


Good afternoon, 

I hope this finds you well.

I have assessed the current   HR strategy and techniques and have additionally dissected the outer climate.   I have viewed that as even though there have been endeavors from senior   administration advancing open correspondence, there is hesitance among   representatives to impart their legit insights.

I might want to set up a   gathering with this gathering to additionally examine the discoveries of the   report and give input into the change the board interaction.

Please see the attached file    Change Management Briefing Report

Kind Regards,

General Manager

3.   Participate in a meeting with the CEO (your assessor)

You are needed to partake in a pretend gathering to talk about your preparation report and hazard appraisal before fostering a change the board project plan and correspondence and training plan

At the gathering, cautiously clarify each piece of your preparation report and hazard appraisal, including best practice change the executives procedures and the master wellsprings of guidance you recognized to set up the best practice change the board methodologies.

Look for input on the change prerequisites/open doors you have distinguished, including your suggested needs for the changes.

Your assessor will give you input, which you should use in the improvement of the change the board plan, just as correspondence and instruction plan.

During the gathering, show powerful relational abilities including:

Speaking clearly and concisely

Using non-verbal communication to assist with understanding

Asking questions to identify required information

Responding to questions as required

Using active listening techniques to confirm understanding

4.  write a draft change management plan

Your plan should set out all aspects of the recommended changes including specific actions and objectives as well as required resources.

Use the Change Management Plan Template to guide your work.

Samson Media

Change Management Plan


Provide background, link to strategic goals and other changes

Samson media, which is a distributer of a few upmarket style magazines. Nonetheless, in the period of digitization it is confronting danger from the style magazines of adversaries and because of the propensity of buyers to move to the advanced medium. Consequently, new CEO (Amir Johnson) has been selected to bring change the executives style to the distributing house and help in recuperating the brand from misfortune. A portion of the essential objectives in such manner are expanding the profit from capital and moving to an advanced medium alongside the incorporation of more wellbeing, magnificence and design-based substance.

Project Sponsor 

Samson Media company itself a project sponsor.

Project Objectives

The point of the task will accomplish cost efficiencies through migration of the administrative centre to a more modest office. Rebuild the administrative centre staff through moving to a more modest of constant staff and understanding staff and extra highlights to be made accessible for the supporters through webcasts, video clasps and conversation.

Increment returns to capital used to 8% inside 2 years.

Establish ground-breaking difference in the association that will change by and large magazines to

a modernized design figuratively speaking.

Close the printing and appointment site.

Accomplish cost efficiencies by moving the administrative centre to a more modest office.

Rebuild head office staff through moving to a more modest focal point of super durable staff and more agreement staff.

Change Objectives and Principles

The place of the ground-breaking association change is to cause the workers in the association to feel esteemed considering the consequence of the staff review that show numerous representatives are not battled with the administration style. The guideline for the change the board will be comprehensiveness and counsel. The moral issue is guarantee that workers have the space to share their feedback and this can be ensure through anonymous survey feedback.

Change Plan Elements

What are the main elements in the change plan? [e.g. people/culture, systems/technology, documentation, positions/roles, process, skills] Each of these elements may require a particular focus in the change plan.

The organization has perceived the components in the course change and every one of the components will required consideration according to:

People: all the staff individuals will be conveyed with regards to the association change occurring and every worker’s contribution in fruitful execution of the arrangement. The organization will give instructional meetings to the representatives to improve their ability from print media to computerized media.

Filling of all archives exactly: the division ought to guarantee they are precisely recording every one of the verbal discussions through an email and following appropriate input structures, preparing and meeting in a conventional way. The archive should contain the techniques, plans and audits.

Ordered progression and association outline: the new position will be characterized in the organization association diagrams and every single part will close their sets of responsibilities. For any new missions/processes, the preparation will be given.

Redesign in Technology/framework the organization has new ERP arrangement that will oblige greater size of clients. The preparation on new framework will be given to fitting partners to guarantee adherence and familiarity with new working that might need occasionally. This might include clients information relating to memberships.

Position/Jobs: every one of the positions portrayals for every representative will be re-examined and every worker will be instructed to play out the obligations precisely and successful.

For fruitful execution of the change, it is prescribed to:

Carry out progress exercises like preparation and instructing about computerized media.

Give getting ready with regards to the new techniques, systems and advance advancing.

Recognize holes and carry out strategy.

Give item explicit preparation (advanced showcasing) to grant increasingly more information.

The main region in any change the executives plan is correspondence. Subsequently getting ready for a gathering to convey the arrangement is the most fundamental part. Taking thought from the group and consolidating it in the arrangement is the greatest inspiration for representatives. One on one gathering with each staff to address if any worries to guarantee maintenance of representatives.

Rationale for the Change

Digital marketing with Assignmenthelpsite.com:

May wind up in the Niche market. Guaranteeing it stay wide by looking at the participation and extent of creation. Need of danger: 3

Rivalry from the brands acquiring pragmatic involvement with the advanced magazine may not be purchased by the buyers. May lose its pay incorporate incredible substance to kill the effect of strong test. need of danger: 1

Consideration of new kind of substance for the magazine. It may not be liked by the steadfast customers as customers would not interface with it and in this manner, there would not be any brand survey and illuminate the customers about the new features, so they are prepared. Need of danger :2

Key Stakeholder Analysis

Identify the key stakeholders and: 

Analyse their response to the change [e.g. what will be their main concerns/fear, where is there likely to be support for the change];

Identify their needs in terms of change management and consider the style of communication required [language style & level]; and

Identify the preferred media for communicating or consulting with them about the change [e.g. sessions involving dialogue about the changes, newsletters, briefings from project team members, frequently asked questions].

They had a key partner will be the executives, the client and the staff.

The organization ought to be tricky towards the staffs, staffs may be stressed over advancement and better channels of correspondence and for the customers. They would need the brand to distribute top notch content on the advanced stage.

The favoured vehicle of correspondence will be meeting including exchange about the changes, bulletins, instructions from project colleagues, every now and again posed inquiries.

Assessment of Readiness to Change

Comment on the status of the change so far [e.g. is there a high level strategy in place that stakeholders are already aware of and committed to that provides a framework for the change]. 

What elements might support the change [e.g. dissatisfaction with current processes; a workplace culture that supports change and innovation]. 

Is there strong senior support for the change?

Currently there has been a high-level strategy in place. Therefore, stakeholders are aware about the present situation of change and committed to their respective tasks. A compatible workplace culture and reward program would facilitate the change management in an efficient manner. There is a strong senior support for change. The team is committed to implement change and is expecting positive results and recover the loss 20% that occurred in previous quarter. To make this implementation successful among all the departments, the senior management team will work together to make this process simple and easy. 

Key Change Messages

Identify 6 key messages to convey about the change process, being upfront about gains and losses. Consider: 

What will be gained/lost for the key stakeholder groups in the change process; 

The messages from the stakeholder perspective;

What will be their main concerns; and

Presenting changes in a positive light even whilst acknowledging loss.

All correspondence will be in straightforward way to the suitable partners in light of regard to guarantee acknowledgment among workers.

The progression of the arrangement is totally subject to the collaboration of every worker and the organization puts stock in cooperation.

The organization will guarantee employer stability to its workers and will convey the arrangement in a straightforward way and expects to be a market chief in the approaching year.

Because of a major misfortune the administration has concocted the essential arrangement to upskill from magazine to advanced. This is an adjustment of interaction and framework without significantly influencing the representatives.

All necessary quality and preparing backing will be given. This is job explicit and authority explicit.

The organization anticipates commitment from every single partner to take this to a higher level regardless of the misfortune that the organization confronted.

Identify Change Elements 

Structures/Processes/Responsiblities/Resources/Timeframes/Performance Measures 

Consider the need for particular change support structures [e.g. a change team, super users/specialists who are trained first and can support people in the workplace, involvement of users and key stakeholders at various stages, change champions in the workplace]. 

Consider if there is a need for transitional arrangements to support and whether the introduction of the change process needs to be staged.

What will be the impact on workloads and how will these be managed?

Structure/forms: there will be change in construction of the association as the staff individual will be moved from enduring to brief staff. The commitment and sets of assumptions will be refreshed and portrayed at Samson media.

Performance measures and Timeframes:

The KPI must be executed to gauge powerful change and adherence to updated work liabilities. Furthermore, timetable to accomplish explicit undertaking must be characterized.

Every one of the mentors and showcasing administrators will be train first to additional mentor the whole arrangement of staff individuals.

A change will be required and train to execute the change and this will be added to the expense of the organization. All partners should be dependable in working with the change utilizing proper asset.

Authority preparing: the association will have advance media experts who may give appropriate planning. All the staff individual from the printing office will be upskill to the high-level system and will add, taking everything into account. A stretch of time in headway plan has been conferred to all the delegates. 

Impact on responsibility as discussed on  :

Sets of responsibilities that have been imparted will be investigated to gauge execution. The responsibility has been similarly partitioned considering the abilities of every representative and it is position/job explicit.

The organization has an advancement plan set up to guarantee satisfactory information id acquired by each staff part.

Develop Change Plan

Develop a change plan including performance measures [how will you know the change plan is effective?]. Ensure the plan is adequately resourced. 



Resource requirements



Performance Measures


Review   KPIs monthly

Statistics data



No of subscriptions per week and   months


Cost analysis

Finance data



% Of cost

Reduction post relocation


Reward system

Coupon vouchers, movie ticket, money


End of every month

No of employees receiving the reward through a fair system



Finance team

Finance manager

3 months

Review and implement



Finance manager


2 months

Goals and review



Printing team

Digital manager

30 days

Weekly and fortnightly


Reporting arrangements 

Identify and explain the reporting arrangements for the project. 


Ensure policies, procedures and performance measures reinforce the changes.

Remove organisational barriers to the change.

Reinforce how changes have provided benefits.

Strategies, methods and execution measures support the change.

The adjustment of the work culture and reception of key destinations have prompted work fulfillment among the representatives and pulled in the clients towards Samson media.

KPI’s and time span will follow viable execution and exact information.

Samson media will direct acceptances and preparing that would state standard working

methodology of the organization to guarantee uniform data among all workers. 

Eliminate association barriers to the change.

Samson media has done danger assessments and have an advancement plan prepared to destroy any hindrances that would intrude on change. The organization has considered every one of its partners.

The danger investigation will give a thought of conceivable danger implied henceforth impart will assume fundamental part in execution of the change. The senior administration will convey the adjustment of a positive way.

This point is to recuperate lost income and upskill the colleagues from magazine to computerized media.


How will the change be evaluated in relation to the achievement of the planned objectives?

How will the change management processes be evaluated consider summative as well as final evaluations, how can you assess your change management strategies as you implement them?

How will the evaluation outcomes be circulated and promoted to stakeholders?

How will evaluation outcomes be used in other organisational processes?

The administration will be assessed through the KPIs, executions measures, data outline assessments and auxiliary information investigation. This would be flowed to the various partners through distribution in the site, bulletins and promotion via online media.

The change will be assessed according to the accomplishment of the arranged targets and the change the board cycles will be assessed and complete in the accompanying:

Audit executed approaches.

Look at the report result.

Like the top entertainers and mentor, the one that necessary improvement.

The report will give an understanding of the information and progression of the change the executives plan. The organization then, at that point, can design preparing and upskill.

The income report will illuminate the money that will additionally assist with arranging

The assessment results will be conveyed to all partners through gathering and messages. These results will be talked about with each staff individuals exclusively and furthermore with various offices to guarantee uniform data across the association to share best practices.

5. Write a draft Communication and Education Plan

Develop a communication and education plan to be used in conjunction with the change management project plan.

This plan should show how the change will be managed, including the provision of information to staff about the proposed changes and benefits.

Ensure that the strategies you develop are designed to promote the benefits of change to staff and to reduce the likelihood of a negative response/adverse outcomes.

Your communication and education plan should also show the reporting process to senior management, which will be required on a regular basis.

Use the Communication and Education Plan Template to guide your work.

Samson Media

Communication and Education Plan  



Key message

Delivery method

Frequency and duration of   session (if applicable)




Why the change has been proposed

Email and zoom meeting

Weekly 30 minutes

Head office



Staff and staff input will be affected



All locations



The timeframe and the changes that will be acquired



Head office


Staff and clients

Progress and update

Email and application


All area


Clients and associations

Changes that affect to the customers

Email, post and app


All area

6. send an email to the CEO and senior Management (accessor)

Expect you really want to acquire input from and endorsement of the CEO and Senior Management.

Send an email that presents and sum up the substance of the draft change the executives plan and your draft correspondence and schooling plan and request their feedback and endorsement for the to push ahead with the undertaking.

The text of the email ought to be in syntactically right English, written in a fitting (amiable, professional) style.

Attach your draft change management plan and your draft communication and education plan to email.












26 January 2022



Communication and education plan


Great evening all,

I trust this thinks that you are well.

I’m writing to send you the plans   conversation at the gathering. I have been changed by all contemplations.

Kindly see the connected document “Communications   and Education plan” 

Kind respects

General Manager

7. Update your change management plan

Your assessor in the role of the CEO will provide you with feedback which you must use to modify your change management plan, incorporating the changes suggested.

Name this new document accordingly.

8. Update your communication and education plan

Your assessor, in the role of the CEO, will provide you with feedback which you must use to modify your communication and education plan, incorporating the changes suggested.

Name this new document accordingly.

9.Send an email to the CEO (your assessor).

The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.

The email text should confirm that you will proceed with the plan now that the required changes have been made.

Attach your updated change management plan and your updated communication and education plan to the email.












26 January 2022



Communication and education plan


Great evening all,

I trust this thinks that you are well.

I am writing to send you the   updated Communication and education plan.

Please see the attached file   Updated Communication and Education plan

Kind regards,

General manager