Leadership Strategies From Theory to Practice

Throughout this course, we discussed leadership as a practice, strategies we can use to select our leadership style, how we can understand our leadership style and strengths to enhance our leadership development, and the most effective leadership strategies for a diverse workforce.

After reading Chapter 12 in Managing and Leading Nonprofit Organizations: A Framework for Success (Dann, 2022), think about what you have learned about leadership practice and what type of leader you aim to be in the future. As you continually learn about yourself and others as leaders, reflect on personal experiences, encounters with others, challenges, and how you have developed your skills to refine your leadership abilities. Develop an original response to the following question:

  • Self-reflect on the leadership strategies, styles, and practices you studied this term. How will you transfer the strategies from theory to practice in your leadership roles? Provide two detailed examples of course findings and other scholarly research.