Learning quest discussion. (Atleast 1 paragraph needed) using lonestar

  • This is located in MyLonestar under Goverment , located in chapter 5 and the required tab on the right. I have attached screenshots of what it all looks like and you can choose which podcast/video for the learning quest. Below is the requirements for the discussion post. Please advise and help. It is due tomorrow at 11:59pm both inital post and response to a student. Please advise.
  • Choose just one of the prompts, and answer it FULLY – make sure you read through it fully and answer all the parts. Include examples and sources. All sources used should be cited within the text as well as the end of your discussion post (like a works cited page would be in a paper). It can be any citation format you are comfortable with.
  • Reply to one student’s post.
  • Be sure both your initial post AND your student reply are at least a paragraph long, but the main goal is to completely answer whichever prompt option you choose. Keep in mind that your discussion post grade is made up of 15 points from your initial post, and 5 from your reply; please put effort towards both beyond just “I agree” or “that’s interesting!”.
    • If you are struggling to find something to say on your student response to your peers, try asking a question, challenging their points, giving feedback, discussing how your experience may be the same or differ, connect it to something you’ve seen in the news and so on.
    • Whether you agree or disagree with their post (or are unsure as you are just forming an opinion on it), you want to provide evidence to support your response – and cite that too.
    • You don’t necessarily have to reply to a classmate that did the exact same prompt as you. Feel free to reply to whomever you wish to.