Lesson 1 “Psychopathological symptoms”

Variant 1

1. Patient, 23 years old, during the last 6 months became reserved, avoided contacts with others,

secluded, spoke with himself. In conversation with psychiatrist initially concealed his feelings, but then told

about the special, unreal voices, which are contained in him ("nest in the brain). Identify disorders of


A. Pseudohallucinations.

B. Illusions.

C. True hallucinations.

D. Metamorphopsiae.

E. Derealization.

2. A 23-year-old man admitted to the psychiatric hospital stated that he had been upset for at least a year

owing to the fact, that he had been hearning voices when he was no his own and when there were no obvious

causes. He would typically hear two male voices who would talk to each other about him and who would also

sometimes comment on his actions. He had “realized” that the voices were the result of his being spied on by

security agents, who were plotting to kill him. What is the leading psychopathological symptome?

A. Impirative hallucinations.

B. Comment hallucinations.

C. Antogonistic hallucinations.

D. Functional hallucinations.

E. Simple hallucinations.

3. A fragment of the patient’s speech: “Not knowing that I was ill, I made no attemp to understand what

was happening, but felt that there was some overwhelming significance in all of this, produced either by God

or Satan…”.The walk of a stranger on the street could be a “sign” to me which I must interpret. Every face in

the windows of a passing street car would be engraved on my mind, all of them concentrating on me and trying

to pass me some sort of message. What is the leading psychopathological symptome?

A. Symbolic thinking.

B. Circumstantial thinking.

C. Flight of ideas.

D. Loosening of association.

E. Thought blocking.

4. The patient N., actor, has been treating in the mental hospital for 6 months. He told his doctor that he

came back from his tour yesterday, spoke with his wife (but his wife visited him two weeks ago). What is the

leading psychopathological symptome?

A. Amnesia.


C. Pseudoremenescence.

D. Criptomnesia.

E. Confabulation.

5. The patient was a 28-year-old married worker. After learning that his wife was having an affair, he went

to the basement and hanged himself with the rope looped over a water pipe. He had been hanging by the neck

for about ten minutes. By the time patient was cut down, he had suffered pulmonary and cardiac arrest and

dilated pupils. The patient was resuscitated. Mental status examination revealed that patients was oriented to

self but disoriented as to place and time. Reading, writing, and spelling were not affected. His recent memory

was impaired, and he was unable to recall any three objects after 5 minutes. His distant memory was better,

in that he remembered his birthplace and some details of his early life, e.g., physical punishment by his

stepfather. What is the leading psychopathological symptome?

A. Anterograde amnesia.

B. Retrograde amnesia.

C. Pseudoremenescence.

D. Criptomnesia.

E. Hypermnesia.