Literature Question

I have a 5 page final paper that needs to be a lot better, I have wrote a rough draft and have got feedback on the draft. The topic i have chose is Food as a language. Basically about how food can be a language. I can include my rough draft with the feed back. i also need atleast 2-3 sources. this paper does have to be in APA format.

CMPS 450: Compass Capstone / Essay and Lecture

The signature experience of CMPS 450 asks you to compose an essay that you then present, in abbreviated form, as a lecture. There are several components to this assignment that you must consider / address, so please be sure to read this prompt carefully and to return to it often as youre creating your work. 1.) The essay should be no less than 5 full pages in length, not including the title page and references page. The essay should be in APA format.

2.) The essay requires 3 secondary sources used to support your exploration of the topic. If you have questions as to what a secondary source is and which ones are appropriate for college-level essay writing