Literature Question

My topi is about Harry Potter and I want 8 pages with double space

A paper. This should come out to eight to ten double spaced pages, and the topic is openbut must be approved in advance.

a. This can be a traditional THESIS- based essay where you research one or more pieces of literature and discuss it/them through the perspective of a thesis. For example,

JK Rowling utilizes various sources to draw inspiration for the Harry potter series, including shakespeare and fairy tales.

poes stories of supernatural anguish reflect the sorrow and loss he experienced in his life.

the ones who walk away from omelas reflects skepticism about the principle of pragmatism.

harrison bergeron: a critique of liberalism written by a liberal.

phineas snodgrass and minority report: exploring the morality of pre-crime.

There are so many possibilities. Find work/s that interest you, and propose a topic area; I will help you hone in on a thesis.