Literature Question

Instructions and Essay Topics

Begin by developing a good outline before writing

Formulate a working thesis that responds directly and clearly to the topic of your choice.

Decide which main points (in body paragraphs) will best support your thesis.

Select evidence from the text(s) of your choice in support of your main points.

Write your opening paragraph that introduces the title of the novel and the author. Make sure that your thesis is clear and that your main points are included in your introduction.

Write the rest of your essay and revise at least twice before submitting.

Apply MLA guidelines to your in-text citations

Construct a Works Cited page in MLA style

Edit carefully to correct any grammar or spelling errors. I will reduce your grade if your essay has too many grammar, sentence structure and/or spelling errors.

Choose one of the following topics for your essay. Remember that you will have to focus the topic of your choice into your own, precise thesis. After your introductory paragraph, each body paragraph should focus on one major point in support of your thesis, and then analyze that point by offering evidence only from the text of Frankenstein quotes and/or paraphrased evidence. Always aim for clarity and precision. Avoid over-generalized or generic statements, universal truths and plot summary. We all know the events in the novel. I am interested in your opinion, interpretation, and your ability to analyze Frankenstein, supported by the specific evidence that you consider important.

Is Frankenstein a condemnation of blind ambition and extreme pursuit of scientific achievement without regard for consequences and ethical implications? Victor Frankenstein’s own reflections on his career would seem to imply as much. Is he correct? Is this what the author wants us to think?

Mary Shelley is careful to outline the progression of the Creature’s awareness, beginning with his earliest sense impressions. This progression seems to duplicate the stages of infant, child, and general human development. Does this account tell us anything important about what it means to be human? How does this relate to his journey from complete innocence to revenge and guilt?

Why does Victor abandon the Creature? Does he feel responsible for the consequences of his achievement?

Frankenstein may seem to endorse the common modem sociological premise that antisocial or criminal behavior is conditioned by rage, which in turn is induced by society’s rejection of its marginal members. Does the novel give clear support to this sociological premise?

After Frankenstein’s change of heart and ultimate refusal to complete the female mate for the Creature, the latter vows to avenge himself on Frankenstein’s wedding day. Through all the long months during which Frankenstein broods over this threat, it never occurs to him that Elizabeth, and not he himself may be the intended victim. What do you make of his rather incredible lapse of imagination? What is wrong with Victor?

Do Victor and the Creature appear as doubles, two sides of the same mind? Does it seem that Victor, in some way, complies with the Creatures acts of revenge?

Victor had many opportunities to organize the capture of the Creature and destroy him earlier to prevent more death around him. Why doesnt he do that? Is he able to?

How do the notions of extreme enterprise, blind ambition, pursuit of power and fame, reflect some of the fundamental ideas within patriarchal structure, hierarchical social order and European views of the world in the 19th century, according to Frankenstein?

Please, analyze and quote the text of the novel only, as your primary source. Do not use any secondary sources or critical essays available online (remember that I always run the plagiarism check through Turnitin). If you want to support your analysis by a secondary source from a scholarly article, you may use a few short quotes only from the essays available within the book itself – Norton Critical Edition of Frankenstein.

Your essay should be 4 pages long and formatted according to the same MLA guidelines as posted in our Bonus Writing Module, as well as in student essay samples. In addition to the entire module dedicated to essay structure and writing, I have also included a few Frankenstein essay samples by my previous students. Everything you might need to review in relation to planning, outlining, writing and formatting your essay is covered on our Canvas page.