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draft 500words**Photo Essay Option B

In this longer essay, describe the environmental/ethical problem and reflect on your choices and the journey in making this piece (deciding which photos to include and why you sequenced them in a particular order). No original photos. Only include 8 photos you find from research, stitching them together to tell a story about your issue + 1000-word accompanying article (instead of 500 words + 8 research photos + 7 original photos w/ captions).

Notes on the longer written portion:

-A longer reflection on why this issue matters, on your direct experience of the issue.

-A more detailed description of the images you do include, weaving them together with transitions and conceptual connections.

Think of this longer written essay option as a personal narrative of the issue, not a research paper per se.

In sumthis longer accompanying essay option is for those of you who have something to say about this issue, but you cant document it given current constraints. Or perhaps you want to express your concern through written reflection, analysis, and/or personal narrative.

Photo Essay Option B Requirements:

-1000-word essay – describing the environmental/ethical problem and reflecting on your choices and the journey in making this piece. A blend of personal narrative, process, and descriptive writing.

-8 photos from your research with captions and citation.

-Works Cited/and or Bibliography with a minimum of 5 sources and 3 annotations + Images Cited

-Slide show to display your work.

-Final graded with Signature Assignment Rubric opens in new window

-Upload to The Nest under Signature Assignment: Photo Essay by Tuesday, April 23rd @ 11:59 pm.