LPS 304 Grant Writing

Develop a proposal for your non-profit or american government agency. Your budget request should not exceed $100,000 and your project timeline should not exceed 24 months. The funding priority of the proposed project must be developed around a program initially focused on children or young adults. Priority will be given to projects focused on the educational or health needs of underserved young people in the community. Examples can include but are not limited to programs focused on healthy lifestyles, school success, retention of first-generation college students, and literacy. Projects should have a local scope and focus on an issue within your community.

The grant application should include a cover page, a project narrative, and a budget with justification. The project narrative should provide the information requested in each of the categories following the order listed below in the Application Guidelines. The project narrative must be no more than seven single-spaced and numbered pages in 11 pt, Arial font. The cover page and budget/budget justification can be one page each. The page size must be standard 8 x 11. Margins must be set at 1 (top, bottom, left and right).

Application Guidelines

Cover Page (5 points, 1 page)

Include your name, the name of the agency, the title of your proposal, the dollar amount of your request and a brief project summary (1 paragraph).

Project Narrative (7 pages max)

Introduction (5 points, page)

Describe the organizations background, experience, achievements, and mission. Include a brief history and convey why the organization is qualified to address the issue. Describe the organizations current programs and activities. Describe the organizations customers or constituents.

Need for the Project / Problem Statement (15 points, page)

What unmet need or problem has been identified that needs to be addressed? Identify a gap in existing services or a population that is underserved. Make sure you link your need to the program priority of education or health. Make sure the need you establish is related to the mission and purpose of your organization.

Documentation (5 points)

Provide data to support your statement of need/problem.

Goals and Objectives (15 points, page)

Please do not use the Red Cross as the organization.