Make a Pitch

Pitch1: Problem-focus

Assignment Brief

In this first step of the Live Social Enterprise Creation Project, students will identify a social enterprise-related problem, fully frame and validate it, and then develop initial ideas for how to solve the problem. The emphasis at this stage is on deeply understanding a specific problem that a particular group of people have; one that can be solved by the creation of a new social enterprise. Students will identify a few initial solution ideas at this stage, but emphasis is on the problem.


Requirements :


Students will identify a social or environmental problem that they wish to address, selected from among the 17 UN   (UN SDG). They will fully explore, frame and validate their chosen UN SDG problem, such that they identify a specific unmet need that a specific group of people experience. The validation work will involve considerable interaction with the problem-holders (people who experience the problem that we wish to address).

The final, framed problem will represent the foundation of your future social enterprise.



At this point only initial solution ideas are required. They should show some creative thinking/innovativeness, but they are not expected to be validated or well developed at this point.



Prepare and deliver a 90-second presentation designed to attract potential partners (and investors) to support your venture. All team members must have a live speaking role in the presentation.

· Focus: Your presentation will focus on the problem your venture will address. Communicate and demonstrate to your audience that your specific, well-framed problem—which a particular group of people experience—is one that is real and important. At the end of your presentation, your audience should feel that they know exactly what the problem is, who has the problem, and that it is worth expending effort to solve this problem.

· Secondary Communication: You will give some examples of innovative solutions to the problem; initial ideas you would like to explore and test, but you will not have much detail or development of these at this stage. The initial solution ideas that you present will help others to understand that the problem is solvable, and so increase their willingness to support your team in taking this venture forward in class.

Written Submission

Submit  one pdf file that includes:

1.     signed academic integrity cover page (form included in assignment folder)

2.     completed and signed team member contribution sheet (form included in assignment folder)

3.     presentation script (actual intended 90" written script)

4.     presentation visuals (if used)

5.     validation report (see below)

· The Validation Report will be one page, detailing the validation activities your team has undertaken to explore, understand, frame and confirm the problem, who has the problem, and to empathize with the problem-holders.


Presentations are delivered in class, live on the day shown in our class schedule. You must be prepared to present at any time from the beginning of class. Written submissions must be uploaded to Moodle, as one pdf file, before the start of our presentation class.


Grading Outline: Your submission will be assessed on the following grading points


1. Problem is clear and well framed

2. Problem has been validated with a specific group of problem-holders

3. Problem is currently not being addressed (in some important way)

4. Solving the problem as stated is important to the problem-holders


1. At least one initial idea for solving the problem is presented

2. The solution idea(s) show some creativity (both novelty and utility)


1. Delivery: clear, well-paced, appropriate use of pausing

2. Audience Contact: engaged, judicious use of notes

3. Organization: clear progression of ideas, easy to follow

4. Visual aids: clear, helpful, impactful