Management Question

8 Assignments = MGT404 + MGT421+ MGT424+MGT422

Attached are four files

You must provide two different solutions for each file, one for me and one for my colleague. This means that in the end you will provide us with eight files


  • You should avoid plagiarism from any website or artificial intelligence
  • You must provide the solution within two hours only from the time you accept the request and do not wait until the time specified on the site
  • Proper referencing in APA format is must
  • Text size 12-Times New Roman only.
  • Avoid plagiarisms
  • Avoid copying from any source
  • Avoid using another teacher’s solution or a similar previous student’s solution because it is a university whose system can access even the solutions published on the study pool website
  • You must give 100/100 correct solution
  • Avoid using paraphrasing programs or websites
  • You must provide a correct answer 100/100
  • You must do the solution in the same attached file
  • You must do the solution in the same attached file****************
  • Please see the below link about how to cite APA reference style