Management Question

Learning Outcomes:


Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)


Write coherent project about a case study or actual research about ethics

The content is available for free download in knowledge resource from the SEU homepage:

Read the following article available in SDL:

Yadav, R., Gangwar, R., Arora, S., & Andres, F. (2019). Cultural Issues in Employee Engagement: Illuminate, Causes, and Significance. In N. Sharma, N. Chaudhary, & V. Singh (Eds.), Management Techniques for Employee Engagement in Contemporary Organizations (pp. 47-56). IGI Global. .

Answer the following questions:

  • Discuss the role of employee engagement in the growth of organization as argued by the author. (Not less than 400 words) 3 Marks.
  • Explain the significance of cultural issues in Employee engagement addressed by the author. (not less than 400 words) 3 Marks.
  • According to the author, why do cultural issues occur in employee engagement? Explain the techniques to improve employee engagement. (not less than 500 words) 4 Marks.
  • Note: All answers should be supported with proper references.