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UNIV 1211: Professional Development and CompetenciesAssignment 3

My Career Path within a Selected Company Individual Presentation

(20 points)

Purpose/Overview of Assignment:

Each student will develop, submit, and present a poster based on her career path (IT,Business, Engineering) and the company she would like to work for to achieve their DreamJob.

To take advantage of this opportunity, please visit the link below to learn about your major ofdesire furthermore:

Please remember that this assignment not only aims to encourage you to explore the natureand challenges of their majors, but to also aims provide them with the chance to express suchissues through written and verbal communication where they can use different techniques,media, and technology to showcase their journey

In addition, this assignment will help you identify the possible career choices across differentindustries within their chosen major. It will help prepare them for their career by showcasingacademic, industry, and professional competencies and goals.

General Instruction:

To accomplish this assignment successfully, students will need to explore online articles,reports, and different resources to assist them in understanding the different organizationalstructures of companies, ethics, demands and opportunities, hiring criteria, and occupationswithin their industry.


  1. See the rubric in your content section to guide you through the minimumrequirements for the poster and presentation.
  2. Make sure to prepare attractive poster that will enhance your presentation
  3. Only original work will be accepted, which means that you need work on these slidescreatively.
  4. Due to large class sizes, students will only submit their posters through Black Board.
  5. If you wish to present your work, please let your instructor know.

Submission Criteria:
1. Submit a Soft Copy to Black Board on December 11th before midnight.

Learning Outcome/Objectives:

  • To help students investigate the different aspects of their field and thus develop abetter understanding of the nature of their majors early in their course of study
  • To help students become aware of the different challenges and opportunities they mayencounter before and after they graduate
  • To help students become seriously involved in developing the professional skills thatcan help them become competitive and thus successful in their future career
  • To help students identify specific career paths within industries related to their major
  • To help students understand the career ladder of their career choice and therequirements needed to progress from one level to the next until they achieve theirdesired position
  • To help students conduct simple research to collect data that addresses importantissues relevant to their field
  • To get students involved in preparing an effective, informative PowerPointpresentation that meets predetermined criteria