Management Question

Review readings and conduct additional research to brainstorm answers to these questions:

  • What characteristics make teams diverse?
  • How are diverse, multicultural teams better equipped to conduct business in the modern virtual workspace than homogeneous teams?
  • How can a virtual manager plan for mitigating conflicts before they occur?
  • What roles do an inclusive climate and structures to promote equity play in preventing and mitigating conflicts?

Step 2. Brainstorm
Imagine your current or desired virtual workspace and a team you manage. Create team member profiles for 5 team members showing demographic or cultural differences and their unique skillsets, background, or experiences that enhance the team.

Step 3. Outline
Outline your storyboard content to include at least these steps:

  • what team means and how virtual teams differ from face-to-face teams,
  • 3 organizational advantages diverse teams have over homogenous teams,
  • selecting team members,
  • 5 team member profiles from Step 2,
  • bringing the team together and building team culture,
  • 3-5 challenges facing diverse, multicultural teams,
  • 3-5 strategies to prevent those challenges from occurring, and
  • how to mitigate conflict when it occurs.

Remember, a proactive plan for mitigation is better than trying to react to a problem when it occurs.

Step 4. Select
Select a digital tool to create your storyboard. (See resources linked on the . The Infographics tools include storyboard templates.)

Step 5. Create
Create the storyboard to present your work from Steps 1-4. Use visually stimulating images and keep text concise to optimize your audiences experience. Remember you are telling your story of how lead a diverse virtual team. Include APA-formatted citations and references on the storyboard.