VARS Model

V= Value proposition (how its creating economic value)

A=Activities, capabilities and resources needed to implement the business model)

R= Revenue Model (realization)

S= Scope of enterprise

1. Choose one of the following company below and talk about its business model using 2 of the VARS Model element.

2. Talk about how this business model may change in the future. Apply the VARS Model to support the possible changes.

3. If there is already changes within the company, talk about why it did and explain the result of the changes using the VARS model.

Company’s to choose from (ONLY CHOOSE ONE)

1. American Airline

2. Lowes

3. Southwest Airline

4. Starbucks Corp

5. McDonalds

6. Home Depot

7. Shell

8. Visa

9. BP Gas Station

10. Coca-Cola

11. Waste Management Inc

12. Tesla

13. Planet Fitness

14. Sunrun Inc.

15. Sunoco

16. Master Card

17. Burger King

18. KFC

19. Chic-Fil-A