Marketing Question

write one page fact sheet about the case. please see attached for more the case. instruction:


Note on Case Fact Sheets

You are required to write and submit case factsheets for several cases included in the course case pack. I provide below an outline that you can refer to as you develop these case fact sheets. A fact sheet can serve to provide a good idea of the situation (viewed using a marketing lens!) facing a firm and enhances a student’s ability to analyze a business situation.

Components to be included in a Case Fact Sheet (students determine the appropriateness of the order of presentation):

1. Brief firm background, relevant actors

2. Issues/decision alternatives facing a firm

3. Events described in the case that you believe are salient and relevant to the situation facing the firm.

4. Competitive environment/issues facing the firm

5. Current marketing strategy (segments in the market, targeted segments, overall positioning of the firm); Any future marketing strategy, if indicated, in the case.

6. Consumer behavior, trends.

7. The marketing mix (include both specifics such as product price, retail outlets where product is available, product details, types of promotion being used as well as overall strategies employed for each element of the marketing mix). Specificity is relevant here.

8. The value proposition(s) of the various products/services. In other words, what are the tangible and intangible bundle of benefits consumers are likely to experience if they purchase the firms current products? Any future product(s)?

9. Facts in the case that represent constraints/hurdles for the firm.

NOTE: Remember, not all components mentioned above will be available in all cases. Students can and should mention other aspects they believe to represent relevant facts in the case. In completing a fact-sheet assignment, you do not have to provide (a) Porters 5 Forces Analysis; (b) SWOT analysis; (c) Analyses of alternatives other than what may already be reported in the case, (d) recommendations/conclusions, and/or (e) opinions.