Write a book report on the Performance Ready Reader: Ricks, J., & Peters, R., (2023) Strategy in His Image: Supporting and Sustaining Organizational Strategy from a Christian Perspective. Information Age Publishing. Charlotte, NC.

Your book reports should be a five to seven page write up discussing the key principles in the book. The write up should include:

A summary of the book.

Specific discussions of your understanding of the key principles by demonstrating how you could or have used them in a selling environment or by discussing how they relate to concepts youve learned in other selling related courses within our program. This is not a sales leadership assignment it should relate to complex selling.

Key learnings and how you might use them in your future career
this is the book here:file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/46/06/8F065AC9-33E0-4014-9E81-6737A86645CE/Book.pdf