Assignment #2– Master Budget Project

Due Sunday Week 6

100 Points –Excel Worksheet

1. Complete problem P9-63A from the textbook using the attached template. The template must be used to complete this project (no points will be given if submitted in a different format or file).

2. You must show your work. This is done by inputting formulas/calculations directly into the cells where necessary. If formulas/calculations are not used, points may be deducted (a max of 10 points) at the discretion of the instructor.

3. The blue shaded areas are for data input. 4. Look out for a red triangle in the upper right-hand corner of a cell. If you hover

over the cell you will see a hint or instructions for that cell. 5. To the right of the budget schedules is the grading area that is being calculated

as you input information. Please use this area to see where any mistakes are being made.

6. The template begins with the Sales Budget. This is not a required schedule but is included as you will need to reference this information to complete other schedules.

7. Please make sure to put your name at the top of the sheet AND also save the file with your name before uploading.

8. With the exception of the Budgeted Manufacturing Cost per Unit schedule, round all numbers to the nearest whole dollar.

9. Helpful Resources a. The textbook and PowerPoint slides for Chapter 9 include detailed

examples of how to complete the required schedules b. In My Accounting Lab, on the left side menu, click ‘Multimedia Library.’

Select ‘Chapter 9’, click ‘Select All’, and click ‘Find Now.’ There is a Try it in Excel video that you may find useful

c. You can search Youtube for videos explaining how to input formulas/calculations into Excel

*If you have any question about completing this project, please email your instructor.