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How would you describe HR analytics in one simple sentence?  Do you believe most HR professionals fear analytics? Why or why not?  Could you successfully executive workforce planning without analytics (Explain)? How do you go about encouraging others to embrace the value of HR analytics, seeing it as a positive and not a numbers game?


You may remember as a child, watching Sesame Street and listening to " ." This week you and your classmates are going to rewrite this song with the title "People at the Hospital." Each of you will contribute one verse in which you describe services and resources of other professionals and identify their roles and functions in caring for young patients in the hospital setting. Your instructor has begun the "People at the Hospital" thread and it is up to each of you to add your verse to hers. When complete, you will have a fun memory of this course and your classmates, and you will also have a groovy prep song to put into your CCLS tool bag.


Participate in the following 3 quizzes.


& . 

SOQ: Lower the score = more competitive personality.

Enneagram & 16 Personalities: Results Provided within site.

Based on the results, reflect on your competitiveness and your personality as it relates to your approach to using sport and exercise psychology.  Specifically, how does reflecting on your quiz results allow you to actively integrate scientific knowledge with your personal professional experiences and temper these with your own insights and intuition.

Hint on viewing Enneagram "Results"…

Your Enneagram results will be presented in a pie format. Below is an example. Take a screen shot for personal reference. Then look at the following website to assist you in the interpretation of your results: 

Screen Shot Truity Sample Enneagram Results


In your reading this week, you cover an article on how humanoid AI robots are  coming into various types of businesses. 

Describe and discuss your strategies for how best to use humanoid AI robots.