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Based on your Annotated Bibliography work thus far, who are your sport's Stakeholders? 

Based on your past experiences, are the literature's statements of your sport's stakeholders correct? Explain. 

Why is an understanding of your sport's organized structure and stakeholders important? 

How influential is your sport's organizational structure at each level of play?


Honda uses flexible plants in the manufacturing of its cars. Discuss whether this method of production results in optimum output. For further information, read The Wall Street Journal, September 23, 2008, p. B1. How to Access the Wall Street Journal through the Online Library:

1. Go to the Online Library/Article Database page.2. Select "Journal Title Search".3. Type in "Wall Street Journal".4. From the list of results, select "Wall Street Journal. Eastern edition" from ABI/INFORM Complete.5. Use the search box entitled "Search for articles within this publication" to find articles by topic within the Wall Street Journal.

The article can be accessed directly at .


Wearable technology seems to be increasing over the last few decades. With the advent of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic on business, wearable technology increased. You may have some, such as Apple's watch, Samsung's Smart Watch, Fitbit or Google Glasses. Below are a few readings to get you excited about this trend.



Cambridge University Press has an entire journal dedicated to wearable technologies.  This publication is available in the APU/AMU library.   



Wearable technology embodiment: This study defines wearable technology embodiment in relation to the acceptance of the technology as part of the body.  A good question is, if employees view wearable technology as part of their physical presence, will participation offer a higher uptake?  Something to think about.


Nelson, E. C., Verhagen, T., Vollenbroek-Hutten, M., & Noordzij, M. L. (2019). Is wearable technology becoming part of us? developing and validating a measurement scale for wearable technology embodiment.  JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 7(8)  


This study is intriguing: This is another adaptation to change the way our bodies move in the future.  Moving towards a physical change in the evolution of the human body. You can relate this innovation to the structure of workplaces.   


Ishii, C., & Hirasawa, K. (2022). The effect of a movable headrest in shoulder assist device for overhead work.  Wearable Technologies, 3  


The studies on gloves and music are fascinating.  Something else to think about: Will this lead to a disruptive technology in the music industry?  Could this bring the music industry back into K-12 allowing for less expensive musical instruments?  



For this Discussion, identify a wearable technology that is being used in business today. Then discuss your opinion on its usefulness.