You and Your New Job in Customer Service

In the following case study, you are a new employee and are excited and happy to begin your position in customer service with United Booksellers. Read about the company and your role in customer service, and then answer the questions at the end of the case study.


United Booksellers is the fifth-largest retailer of publications on the West Coast in the United States. It started 15 years ago as a family-owned bookstore in Seattle, Washington, and has grown to over 125 stores in seven states. The organization currently employs 3,000 employees, each of whom receives extensive customer service training before being allowed to interact with customers.

Recent issues of Booksellers Journal and Publishers Select magazine have heralded the quality service and friendly atmosphere of the organization. United Booksellers has been praised for the appearance of the facilities, helpfulness and efficiency of employees, wide selection of publications, and intimate coffee shops where patrons can relax and read their purchases over a hot cup of fresh cappuccino.

Your Role

As a new customer service professional with United Booksellers, you are excited about starting your job, which will require continual customer contact. As a child, you watched your siblings perform customer service functions at the local Burger Mania Restaurant and always thought you would like to follow their lead. Since you like people, enjoy a challenge, do not get stressed out easily, and have hopes of moving into management, you anticipate that this job should be just right for you. In this position, you will be expected to receive new publications from publishers, log in receipts, stock shelves, assist customers, and occasionally work as backup cashier.


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