MGT 304 Case Study (2)

MGT 304 Case Study (2)Please use the following link to directly purchase the case study included in my course pack from HarvardBusiness Publishing:Please note that purchasing the case study of each group is mandatory . The total cost is $4.95 (approximately18.57 Saudi Riyals), which includes access to the dataset (Excel file). For groups of up to four members, thecost per person is roughly $1.24 (about 4.65 Saudi Riyals) each.Case study: GoodBelly – Using Statistics to Justify the Marketing ExpenseAfter reading the case study:Please help GoodBelly management to develop a model to predict Weekly Sales using two variables1. Average Retail Price (numerical variable)2. Sales Representative (categorical variable)a. Be sure to perform a thorough residual analysis and provide a detailed explanation of the process and resultsas part of your answer.b. Predict the sales per week for these stores down below:Store Average Retail Price Sales RepresentativeA 3.89 0B 4.12 1C 3.88 1D 3.29 0Instructions: Please conduct the Multiple Linear Regression analysis. Feel free to choose the level of significance () Use the Data Analysis tool and submit your Excel file as well. Since this is group work, ensuring that everyone contributes to this work is essential.Deadline: Thursday, April 26th at midnight.